How does 0% Financing work?


Order your e-scooter and choose the desired duration for the monthly payments between 6-12 months.


After successful processing, we will send you the financing contract! The process is non-binding until it is signed.


Your e-scooter will be assembled for you and delivered directly to your home. Then you can start driving! You can easily pay Bob in monthly instalments.


As soon as you have found your dream e-Scooter, you can apply for 0% e-scooter financing on our website (liferacer.local). Simply fill out the checkout without obligation. 

In order to ensure a conscientious and correct allocation of the financing, we carry out a credit check. This takes between 1-2 working days. As soon as this has taken place, we will inform you immediately.


If the credit check is successful, you will receive the contract including order confirmation for your e-Scooter installment purchase. You can sign the contract easily and securely online – there is no need to print it out and send it by post!

As soon as we have received all your data, we will send them to our financing partner (bob.ch). In this step, Bob.ch carries out a final check with the ZEK (Central Office for Credit Information) and if the decision is positive, the contract is concluded (according to the General Terms and Conditions).


Your e-Scooter will be assembled for you and delivered directly to your home address. Then you can start driving! You can easily pay Bob in monthly installments.

E-Scooter 0%-Financing online

Attention: We only accept ID or passport!

Here are our tips on what makes a good ID or passport photo.

  > Make sure there is enough light and the ID or passport is fully visible.
  > Avoid too much shine or reflections, do not use flash light!
  > Name and date of birth should be clearly visible
  > One picture of the front side and one picture for back side.

Screen shots or photos of the screens will not be accepted, as well the ID / passport that expires in less than six months.

installment payment e-scooter


We work together with the financing partner bob.ch , which enables us to offer you interest-free installment payments. In return, bob.ch receives a share of the profit from us. We deliberately chose this path to save you extra costs and to enable everyone to switch to e-mobility. 
Yes, you pay no more with monthly installments than if you pay everything at once. Our 0% financing offer is completely interest-free for you.

It’s easy! Take the total price and divide it by the desired term.

Total price: CHF 2’340.
Duration of the plan: 12 months

Monthly rate: CHF 195 (2’340/12)

After signing the contract, you will receive the payment slips within 1-2 weeks. However, the first installment is only due on the 1st of the month after next. Example: You sign the contract on October 15th – the first installment will therefore be due on December 1st.
Yes. Your e-Scooter will be delivered to your home fully assembled and ready to ride.
Yes! You pay the total price of your e-scooter over the desired period. This means that after paying the entire price, the e-scooter is yours.
Yes, your e-Scooter comes with a standard manufacturer’s 2 years warranty. If your e-Scooter has a problem, you can report it to our customer service.

The following requirements apply to a financing request from bob:

» Swiss citizen, C permit or B permit
» Minimum age: 21 years
» Successful credit check at bob
» No debt enforcement

Online at liferacer.local, in our physical shops (Basel or Wettingen)!
The financing contract is concluded between you and us. We hand over the contract to bob Finance based in Zurich to relieve us of administrative tasks. You will also receive the payment slips for paying your monthly installments from them. Read the bob zero Terms and Conditions.

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