Electric Scooter Maintenance Guide

Rules for Maintenance, Recharge and Storage

Electric scooters are a great investment and it’s worth picking up some basic maintenance tips to help you protect that investment in the long term.


  • Avoid fully depleting the battery while riding.
  • Never store the scooter with battery empty, always recharge to 50-60%.
  • Before recharging, make sure the scooter, charger, and the charging port are dry.
  • Do not charge the scooter immediately after use. Let it cool down for 1h before charging.
  • Use only the original charger.
  • Never leave the scooter unattended while charging.
  • Recharge the scooter in a safe area where the damage to the surrounding is limited in case of malfunction of the battery
  • Recharging of the scooter must not be continued for more than 1 hour after it is fully charged (green LED indicator on the charger).
  • Always replace the charging port cover after recharge to avoid water or other damage
  • Recharge the scooter in dry environment, away from flammable materials at 15-25°C.
  • Do not charge in direct sunlight or near fire.

Storing and Cleaning

  • Recharge the scooter to 50%-60% before storing it for any longer period.
  • Recharge the scooter (including new) again to 50%-60% every 2 (two) months when stored.
  • Store the scooter in a dry environment at 15-25°C, away from flammable materials.
  • Do not store the scooter outdoors.
  • Before cleaning, make sure the scooter is turned off and the charging port is covered.
  • Do not use water, alcohol, gas, kerosene, or any other chemical solvents for cleaning.
  • Do not use pressurised water guns or running water for cleaning.
  • The scooter is not waterproof. Do not expose it to rain or water nor soak it or wash it with water.


  • Before each use, run a quick check for: (i) error messages/signals; (ii) physical malfunction; (iii) excessive wear and tear, (iv) loose or broken parts; (v) any other damage or problems.
  • If any issues are present, the user must not use the scooter until the problems are fixed.
  • Wear and tear items (tire, brake-pads, etc) that do not require opening up the scooter, may be fixed by the user or by any service.
  • Electric scooter needs regular maintenance, similar to bicycle or any other vehicle.
  • To ensure the validity of the warranty and good condition of the scooter, it must be serviced once a year at the end of the season or at 500km (BASIC), 1000km (1000KM)and from that on at every 1000km.

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