How to use the TFT Display
Kaabo Wolf King Warrior electric scooter

Presenting the latest update for Kaabo Wolf King GT electric scooters. It is simple to use, yet very practical gadget worth many functions for your safety and enjoyment.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT 72v King Pro+ electric_scooter zurich schweiz


The TFT display is not a touch one, it is operated by the control buttons on the left handle bar. There are 4 keys; on the backside you can find the ”Power” button, on the front side are ”+”, ”-” and ”Mode” keys.

If you want to turn on the display, simply hold the ”Power” button for at least 5 seconds; soon after you will see Kaboo logo turn up on a screen.

On the top you can see voltage, time and motor mode. Below you have speed, you can set it for km/h or mil/h. Below that you have ”Gear settings”

If you want to change the gears on the scooter, you have to press ”+” or ”-” to go up and down the gears. There are 5 different gear settings, and ECO mode, this is for preserving battery energy levels. Which you can tell by the battery percentage, shown on the right side.

On the bottom of TFT display there is trip information, current trip milage, trip milage overall since you have bought the electric scooter.average and some other information. By pressing the ”mode” button you can toggle between the trip information as well as status of both motors. If you want to switch between single and dual motor just hold the button ”+” for 5 seconds. To switch back, just do the same thing again. If you want to reset you trip information, you will hold the ”Mode” button down from 5 to 10 seconds. You will get a warning sign, about being sure to delete all trip information, use ”+” and ”-” buttons to toggle between the options, and use ”Mode” button to confirm your decision.

Kaabo Wolf King Warrior


If you want to access settings, you will have to hold ”Mode” button for 5 seconds in the first 20 seconds when the scooter is turned on.

The first thing you can do is choose how speed is measured, (miles/hour, kilometres/hour)

Next thing is time, you set the numbers with ”+” and ”-” keys and lock it in with ”Mode” button, once you have you time number set, hold the ”mode” and ”-” keys and you will be directed back to menu.

New thing you can adjust is backlight, you have 5 different levels to choose between, with 5 being the strongest backlight.

Auto sleep mode is the one that tells the time of how long scooter stays idle before it automatically powers off. It can be set up to 30 minutes. But you can also turn it off if you want to continuously running while idle. 

The newest features with Kaabo Wolf King Warrior TFT display is passwords, you can set it so that the passwords is required before turning on the scoot er. You can set it that you gp tp the settings menu, click ”mode” and turn it on, you then click exit, and set the password number, you choose them with ”+” and ”-” keys, and lock them in with ”mode” button. To confirm password selection hold ”Mode” and ”.” for 5 seconds and then it is locked in, next time you will turn the scooter on it will ask for you to input the same password.

Next is display info, irrelevant for you but it contains serial numbers.

Advanced settings require password, there you will have different settings, including ABS (Anti Lock Breaking System), quick start and cruise control. If you have cruise control and quick star turned on this will be shown on the home screen. At the bottom of your advanced settings menu you have the assistant mode. Which has five different levels, 5 being the highest amounts of assistance. This limits your top speed as well as it enacts an electronic ABS. We recommend that new riders start with an assistant mode in place.

If you want to reset the settings that you have currently put in simply go to the bottom of the menu settings and click the reset. Once you get to the reset tab you click it and you will be given the yes or no option, toggle between these by using the + and – button, and press Mode to confirm your selection.

tft display SPECS AND TIPS

The TFT display is made out of imported tempered glass, and is extremely glare proof making it perfect for long rides in the sun. Thanks to the 4.2 inch screen on the TFT display all your information is more accessible than it ever was before. In order to ensure screen safety, make sure to fold it backwards when folding the scooter, if left facing inward it might hit something and crack.

The control panel of your TFT display can also be used as a charging port for your phone. So if you are on a long ride, there you go. Bellow your TFT control panel are your controls for the lights, the turn signals and the horn. On either sides of the handlebar you have your brake levers, the left controls your rear, and the right controls your front. On the right side of the handlebar we have the thumb throttle. Unlike the finger throttle this one offers a nice smooth acceleration.

Wolf King GT’s advanced settings (p-settings) menu:

›› Wheel Diameter (8-14 in, set at 11 in)

›› Speed Limitation (1 to 100%)

›› Speed Magnets (1-64)

›› ABS (Off/On)

›› Kick Start (Off/On)

›› Cruise Control (Off/Auto/Manual)

›› Temp Protection (80-130C)

›› System Voltage ( 48V, 60V, 72V, set at 72V)

›› Low Voltage (1-70V)

›› Assistant Mode (Level 1 to 5)

ABS, kick start, and cruise control are all set to off when the scooter is shipped, so you’d have to engage these features through the advanced settings menu.

Conveniently, you’ll know these features are active because their icons will be on the display.

tft display Error Codes

Sometimes, errors happen. Here are some error messages and what they mean:

›› Error code 1 at the bottom of the Information Switching Page (Motor phase loss)

›› Error code 2 at the bottom of the Information Switching Page (Hall fault status)

›› Error code 3 at the bottom of the Information Switching Page (Unknown)

›› Error code 4 at the bottom of the Information Switching Page (Handlebar failure status)

›› Error code 5 at the bottom of the Information Switching Page (Undervoltage protection status)

›› Error code 6 at the bottom of the Information Switching Page (Controller failure status)

›› Error code 7 at the bottom of the Information Switching Page (Communication fail)

›› Error code 8 at the bottom of the Information Switching Page (Over temperature protection)

›› Error code 30 in Speedometer with error message (Instrument communication failure)

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Have a nice ride!

– Your LIFE RACER Team. –

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