Kaabo Mantis Fresh Design 2021

LIFE RACER is happy to share with you some exciting new designs and share what we have in store. All Kaabo Mantis bought by LIFE RACER are updated 2021 models! 

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Kaabo electric scooters are being recognised across the globe for their premium build quality and outstanding performance. Across the board, our electric scooters offer a riding experience like no other.

The year 2021 is going to be a time of big changes for Kaabo. Springing off of the back of many of the final 2020 changes, Kaabo with outstanding dedication and performance in to the year 2021.

In a good cooperation with Kaabo we prize for the safety and quality of our products and we want to announce the latest improvements from our Mantis 10 product line and keep you updated about other items .

wheel hub kit

Kaabo and Minimotors have a long history of working together to provide the highest quality parts and accessories. This new wheel hub kit is just one of the many amazing upgrades that can be added to your Kaabo e-scooter for CHF 85,-

No worries! LIFE RACER Mantis 10 comes with this innovative wheel hub kit as a replacement for the old one.

Below you will find the new render of the Kaabo Mantis sport wheel, designed for improved aesthetics and will also improve the thermals of the motors.


Kaabo’ve recently received some feedback about a loose stem with an empty structure inside, causing a rupture of the break at this product line.

In order to solve this problem, Kaabo technology and design department developed a proper solution, filling the gap on the inside structure making the stem stronger and steady, reinforcing the bolt and making the break resistant. Most importantly, to counter vibration related loosening of the bolt which may put more load on the joint than intended by design.

All Kaabo Mantis bought by LIFE RACER have an upgraded stem bolt, locking washer installed and new wheel hub kit.

Mantis Stem Bolt

Previous Structure

Improved structure

M10 80mm 12.9 grade

M10 85mm 8.8 grade

Kaabo team chose to go with a longer bolt to increase the grip inside the hinge and to allow for adding a 2mm washer (see below). Use of 8.8 grade steel vs. the installed 12.9 grade. While 8.8 grade steel has a lower tensile strength, it is still sufficient for this application. The key advantage of the 8.8 bolt is less brittleness, i.e. the bolt will bend more before breaking. The replacement bolts are zinc plated for better corrosion resistance.


Previous Structure

Improved structure


Nord lock washer 

To avoid that the intense vibration while riding that leads to non-noticeable loosening of the bolt which and that for cause more stress on the materials. The pretty sophisticated washer that comes with all 2021 Mantis 10 e scooters is working well with the 8.8 bolt and will prevent loosening.

Have a look at this video if you are interested to see how it works:

For more technical detailed information please check the pictures below.

Finally, LIFE RACER would like to thank amazing Kaabo Team for its innovations and your appreciation for Kaabo products. As we said before, we prize for the quality and safety of Kaabo products because we care about our customers and we pursuit the excellence motivated by you.

We wish you an amazing ride!

– Kaabo and LIFE RACER Team. –

The KAABO is now on PRE-ORDER through our online shop LIFERACER.CH to be delivered in 4-5 weeks. To save some extra money, get your KAABO with pre-order price.

Pre-order available till 

26. May 2021

Order to guarantee that you’ll get it first!

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Kaabo Fresh Design 2021

All Kaabo Mantis bought by LIFE RACER are updated 2021 models! Find out more! Follow us on instagram, Facebook and stayed tuned along with all latest upgrades and news here on our site and through our social platforms.

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