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Enhance your ride with LifeRacer’s premium suspension systems designed for e-bikes and e-scooters. Our suspension products ensure a smoother, more comfortable ride by absorbing bumps and shocks from uneven terrain. Ideal for both urban and off-road adventurers, these systems improve handling and stability, allowing you to tackle any path with confidence. From robust shocks to finely tuned springs, each component is crafted for durability and performance. Upgrade your electric ride with LifeRacer’s suspension systems and experience the difference in every journey.


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5 wichtige Tipps zum Fahren im Winter

5 Essential Tips for Winter Riding

Explore five essential tips to winterize your e-scooter. Winter temperatures can have a significant impact on battery performance. Before winter arrives, lubricate the scooter’s moving components…

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Vsett 8 Liferacer Edition is a big game changer! New black-gold color model, with better braking system and brighter, bigger and center-positioned display can really contribute to safety and comfort of your driving

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Electric unicycles are a modern mode of transportation that has gained popularity in recent years. They are compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry and store. With the use of electric motors and batteries, electric unicycles can travel at high speed and reaching long range, are eco-friendly and produce zero emissions. Riding electric unicycle also provides health benefits such as improving balance, coordination, and core strength. Overall, electric unicycles offer a unique and exciting way to get around while being environmentally conscious and cost-effective.

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