Dualtron Mini Special

CHF 1,550.00

Road approved E-Scooter



25 KMH*


65 KM


23 KG


100 KG




52V 21Ah









*Limited to 25 km/h. Unlimited only on private property: Not permitted on public roads
*Range may vary based on rider weight, riding style, terrain and tire pressure


DUALTRON Mini Special

with foldable handlebar, Mat deck cover and dual drum brakes

Improved Model of 2023



Electric Scooter

The new Dualtron Mini SPECIAL is the new version of the Dualtron Mini which is the best seller of the Minimotors brand. From now on, this model is equipped with an original folding handlebar and a rubber grip deck cover (footrest), like the latest models such as the Victor Luxury, the Thunder 2 or the Storm LTD .

With an affordable price, it is positioned as the high-end model of electric scooters dedicated to urban use. It is ideal for short journeys, with the possibility of transporting it easily in the metro, on a high floor without a lift, or in the trunk of a car. Fitted with front and rear shock absorbers, it provides unequaled driving comfort.

The e-scooter has  a high torque 52V/500W brushless hub motor (1450w peak performance) 8.5″ pneumatic tyres and unique integrated front + rear suspension.
Smooth and powerful acceleration due to the 500Watt rear hub motor. The Dualtron Mini has a low-maintenance rear drum brake, including integrated electronic motor braking with programable performance intensity. Max speed is limited to 25km/h in Switzerland to conform to national road safety standards. (Can be higher 45 km/h if used on private property). 

The 21AH LG Li-ion battery can reach a distance of 65km. Dualtron Mini is truly a winner, delivering Dualtron performance and build quality to a compact-sized and easy to maintain electric scooter.Don’t forget the newly added footrest, turn lights and built in electric horn.

The frame of the Dualtron Mini has high strength characteristics due to the quality of material used in the frame construction, such as forging and high-pressure injection moulds and aircraft-grade aluminium extrusions.
Due to Easy Wheel System, the motor can be serviced easily. It also makes it easy to replace a tire. 

With only 22 kg of weight Dualtron Mini is easy to lift and transport if needed and can be simply folded using the unique single-step lock folding system. When folded in a horizontal position the steering pole reverts to a carry handle and can be carted with ease. 

To top it all, there is an optional smart fingerprint security system, to prevent any unwanted stranger to start using your scooter.

When riding electric kickscooter, please wear protective gear and helmet!

classic Dualtron


Handlebar retains its previous design with a folding mechanism, although is very feature-rich. MINIMOTORS smart EYE LCD display and an accelerator which you control with your index finger. 

folding handlebars

clamp & spring

The handlebars are aluminium with ergonomic grips. They are also foldable for easy storage. The folding mechanism for the handlebars is a clamp & spring system, simple and quick release or fold.

Dualtron Mini Special 52V 21Ah dual brake, ON STOCK! Limited edition. Battery: 52V 21Ah ; Range: 65 km ; Power: 1000 W nom. (1450W max.) - Limited to 25km/h = 500W
EYE LCD DISPLAY dualtron thunder e-scooter

3rd Generation Throttle


DUALTRON Mini Special electric scooter is equipped with an original smart EYE throttle 3rd generation system designed by Minimotors. 

The display shows all important data such as speed, current gear, daily mileage (TRIP), total mileage (ODO) and current battery charge level. Thanks to the high brightness, the display is readable even in adverse weather conditions. You can even add a fingerprint reader lock (which is optional).  

EYE LCD DISPLAY dualtron thunder e-scooter

smart fingerprint

security system

Another Minimotors first, the fingerprint security system, jointly developed by Minimotors and Crucialtec. With the touch of your finger, you can finally secure your DUALTRON & unlock it with a simple swipe of a finger in seconds.
(additional option – CHF 169,-)

Dualtron Mini Special 52V 21Ah dual brake, ON STOCK! Limited edition. Battery: 52V 21Ah ; Range: 65 km ; Power: 1000 W nom. (1450W max.) - Limited to 25km/h = 500W

mini special

The deck of this Mini Special has also been changed to a rubber version to improve handling. It’s also easier to clean and more modern , with its signature Dualtron Mini Special logo .

Dualtron Mini Special 52V 21Ah dual brake, ON STOCK! Limited edition. Battery: 52V 21Ah ; Range: 65 km ; Power: 1000 W nom. (1450W max.) - Limited to 25km/h = 500W

built in



An integrated rear footrest allows you to feel much better  anchored and more confident while riding. 

Dualtron Mini Special 52V 21Ah dual brake, ON STOCK! Limited edition. Battery: 52V 21Ah ; Range: 65 km ; Power: 1000 W nom. (1450W max.) - Limited to 25km/h = 500W


Folding Lever

The new folding system in the Dualtron Mini is arguably one of the most robust and solid folding systems in the market. The Dualtron Mini is quick to fold and gives you the confidence you need both when riding and transporting the electric scooter.

52V 21Ah Samsung

As a standard of dedication to quality and safety, DUALTRON Mini SPECIAL electric scooter is powered by the “Safest Lithium-Ion LG Battery-Pack” manufactured by Samsung. The Dualtron Mini is a 52V 21Ah Special system so you can travel up to 65 km in a single charge.

The EY3 display on the thunder will begin to flash when battery levels begin to run low.


Charging Time


Per Charge


Smart Battery Management System


With a smart battery controller, the BMS provides accurate calculation of the battery life and shows the percentage of charging, meanwhile, the discharging of electricity, provides all the safety assets in order to ensure safety and stability for the battery.  


output over-voltage protection

output over-current protection

output over-circuit protection

ripple and peak control

input over-voltage protection

input over-current protection

over-charging voltage protection

over-charging current protection

over-discharging voltage protection

over-discharging current protection

e-Scooter DUALTRON MINI – 500W mit strassenzulassung elektro scooter

4x shocks front & rear

quadruple suspension

Meet the first quadruple suspension system on an electric scooter of this size for speed riding smooth as butter. The 4x Suspension Springs and the 2 x Wide Air Tyres work together for a more ample suspension effect.

e-Scooter DUALTRON MINI – 500W mit strassenzulassung elektro scooter

The 3rd Generation

Light System

The 3rd Generation Light System in the Dualtron Mini is mainly designed to improve security and predictability in the fast paced urban environment. The dual LED Headlight, steering pole- & side panel lights, and brake lights in the back will provide you and your fellow trafficants with the increased visibility and security you need in the urban environment, especially during the darker hours.

Easy Wheel System


The patented Easy Wheel System from MINIMOTORS is designed to completely separate the rim and hub motor, and it allows replacing only each damage part.

e-Scooter DUALTRON MINI – 500W mit strassenzulassung elektro scooter

8.5" Pneumatic


The tyre measures 23 × 5 cm and they are perfect for this size and type of electric scooter. However, these tyres will have to be maintained and you should be regularly checking the tyre pressure. 

Thanks to the modular wheel design, the tires can be easily changed and maintained.

e-Scooter DUALTRON MINI – 500W mit strassenzulassung elektro scooter



With a Reliable and easy to maintain Drum Brake & Electric brake you can be sure to always get the expected braking power without having to worry about adjusting your brakes. For increased durability, the electric brake also helps to protect against extreme situations with premature locking of the mechanical brake. The possibility of regenerative charging is also positive for your battery power and can also help preserve your brakes due to the added resistance. The Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) system in the Dualtron Mini will help keep your tires from locking during braking.

 The braking system can also cleverly generate a charge of up to a maximum 15A which is fed back to the battering using the
Active Recovery Charging System.

e-Scooter DUALTRON MINI – 500W mit strassenzulassung elektro scooter dualtron-mini-dual-brake-52v-21ah-street-approved-escooter-500w-special-editiom-limited



Max 1450W BLDC Hub motor

that can take you to an unfathomable speed of 

45 km/h

weighs only 22 kg

Do not underestimate this lightweight folding electric scooter. With a top speed of 45km/h and distance range of 55km, makes it one of the best small size adult e-scooters on the market.
e-Scooter DUALTRON MINI – 500W mit strassenzulassung elektro scooter


Charger power

58V 2Ah

Charging time

10hr+ (standard charger)

Charger input voltage

100-240V ~ 50 / 60HZ

Intelligent system

Smart BMS, Temperature abnormality / short circuit / under voltage automatic sleep / over current / over charge / over discharge protection

Battery Type


Battery model

LG 3200 cells

Folded dimensions

111x60x30 cm

Unfolded dimensions

111x60x114 cm




(optional), Fingerprint key lock


Minimotors, EYE Drosselklappe


Non-folding handlebar with safety lock

Package weight

24 kg


1000W Nom. (1450W Max.) – Limited to 25 km/h = max 500W

Max speed

Limited to 25 km/h unlimited 45 km/h

Braking distance

Dry road about 3m

Braking method

drum brakes front and rear, EABS (Electric brake system)

Material - front

Inflatable rubber tire

Material - rear

Inflatable rubber tire

Size - front

8.5 inches

Size - rear

8.5 inches


3.4 bar

Deck ground clearance

14 cm

Incline rate


Suggested use

Urban / city terrain

Resting spot

Rear of the deck

Type of light

LED headlight/taillight, Body Side LED, Steering Tube LED, Front Light Wheel

LED colours

all colours


165 – 205 cm

Maximium weight

100 kg

Charging port

One charging port


Front/Rear Spring and Rubber suspension

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