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EYE Throttle


Swappable LG Battery

72V 31.5Ah LG Battery With 130 km Range

Turn Lights & Integrated Horn

ULTRA-WIDE 11 inch

4 x 11 inch Tubeless Tire

Hydraulic Disk Brakes



first Dualtron with a unique and removable battery design

The masterpiece of Mayhem

100 km/h 

100 km *

35 °

21 h

150 kg

46 kg

72V 31.5Ah





72V 31Ah

*Range may vary depending on rider weight, riding style, terrain and tyre pressure.


Electric Scooter

If you loved the exceptional Dualtron Thunder, then meet it’s new and powerful evolution, the Dualtron Storm! With new state of the art 6700W BLDC motors the Storm is “The King of Mountains” and the first Dualtron to come with a new swappable 72V 31.5 Ah LG battery, giving you both ease of maintainability and an incredible range of up to 100 km!

Swappable battery gives customers opportunity to charge battery separately from the machine. Just take the battery with you whenever needed and forget the hassle of carrying this big scooter up to your apartment. The new added footrest gives riders extra comfort when going fast and up-hill. Just adjust your stance how you like it most and pull the throttle. As Minimotors has been pretty generous with the new upgrades, you may also find some smaller and bigger changes in the design.
The idea behind the Dualtron Storm is simple: give our customers an all-in-one featured scooter, powerful, secure, useful, well designed, smart, and durable.

The Dualtron Storm also comes with a completely new and redesigned frame constructed to deliver maximum durability and ease of maintenance. The innovations in this sector are many and includes new electronic cooling, a reinforced double clamp design and motors that can be disconnected for simpler wheel removal.
Don’t forget the newly added footrest, turn lights and built in electric horn.

To top it all, there is an optional smart fingerprint security system, to prevent any unwanted stranger to start using your scooter. You can also add OFF-ROAD tires, charger or fast charger, and there are many accessories available to customise your STORM e-scooter at LIFE RACER.

When riding electric kickscooter, please wear protective gear and helmet!

classic Dualtron


Handlebar retains its previous design with a folding mechanism, although is very feature-rich. MINIMOTORS smart EYE LCD display and an accelerator which you control with your index finger. On the left side of the handlebar, you will see a completely new upgraded design of previous buttons. Five in one multi switch.


clamp & spring

folding handlebars

The handlebars are aluminium with ergonomic grips. They are also foldable for easy storage. The folding mechanism for the handlebars is a clamp & spring system, simple and quick release or fold.

EYE LCD DISPLAY dualtron thunder e-scooter

3rd Generation Throttle


DUALTRON Storm electric scooter is equipped with an original smart EYE throttle 3rd generation system designed by Minimotors. 

The display shows all important data such as speed, current gear, daily mileage (TRIP), total mileage (ODO) and current battery charge level. Thanks to the high brightness, the display is readable even in adverse weather conditions. You can even add a fingerprint reader lock (which is optional).  

EYE LCD DISPLAY dualtron thunder e-scooter

smart fingerprint

security system

Another Minimotors first, the fingerprint security system, jointly developed by Minimotors and Crucialtec. With the touch of your finger, you can finally secure your DUALTRON & unlock it with a simple swipe of a finger in seconds.
(additional option – CHF 169,-)


Five in one multi switch

Main switches now have multiple buttons, on/off, horns, signal and hazard lights. The Dualtron STORM features an uprated upgrade just like his big brother Dualtron X2.

Extremely durable and compact design.

Wide and Long


51 x 24 cm

The base of the scooter is wide and long, giving you a big area to plant your feet on and have a steady stance.

controller + rear stepping platform


Minimotors are constantly pushing the boundaries of what electric scooter technology is capable of. As one of the most important components in an electric scooter, the controller has now moved to the rear and is integrated into the foot rest, further protecting it from heat and water damage.

Monster look and the best



The flat controller bottom 100% in contact with the heat sink, allowing the heat to quickly dissipate.

72V 31.5Ah Samsung

As a standard of dedication to quality and safety, DUALTRON STORM electric scooter is powered by the “Safest Lithium-Ion Battery-Pack” manufactured by Samsung. The Dualtron STORM is a 72V system with a cut-off at 48v to protect the battery from being over-discharged.

The EY3 display on the thunder will begin to flash when battery levels begin to run low.

DUALTRON STORM gives you the option of dual charging ports. Using both ports will help you to decrease the time significantly.


Charging Time


Per Charge

BMS Smart Battery Management System


With a smart battery controller, the BMS provides accurate calculation of the battery life and shows the percentage of charging, meanwhile, the discharging of electricity, provides all the safety assets in order to ensure safety and stability for the battery.  

output over-voltage protection

output over-current protection

output over-circuit protection

ripple and peak control

input over-voltage protection

input over-current protection

over-charging voltage protection

over-charging current protection

over-discharging voltage protection

over-discharging current protection

2 charging ports for



Dualtron Storm comes with two charging ports designed to allow charging from two different sources at the same time. If you are looking to charge your batteries faster, you can either use 2 currents of 1.75A, or one current of 6.5A and another of 1.75A.

21 hours with standard charger, 10 hours with 2 standard chargers, 4.8 hours with the quick charger



Dualtron’s superpower

The largest capacity removable battery ever fitted to an electric scooter. 
The battery is totally removable with a key. It is that easy. Slot the key in, turn and lift the battery. You have an external volt meter and charging ports too.

Not to mention, during winter, you can have your battery nice and toasty indoors while your scooter is stored in the garage. 

Not to mention, during winter, you can have your battery nice and toasty indoors while your scooter is stored in the garage.

9-step variable suspension arm

ground clearance

Adjust according to your riding profile – Go low if you are riding at high speed to provide better handling and stability. Raise your deck profile to provide more ground clearance when you are riding on roads that are not level – Allowing the suspension to absorb more bumpy rides.

Maximum deck clearance is 21.0 cm. 


adjustable length

The kickstand received a total overhaul. This new one is insanely sturdy, and we absolutely love it. It also features adjustable length. The Storm allows you to adjust suspension height, and being able to match the kickstand length to that is a very welcome feature.

Easy Wheel System


The patented Easy Wheel System from MINIMOTORS is designed to completely separate the rim and hub motor, and it allows replacing only each damage part.

11 inch tires dualtron kaabo zero vsett e-scooter

11 inch Tubeless Tires

ultra wide

With 11 x 4 inch wide tubeless tires, the Storm provides you with superior comfort, traction and safety on the road. The tubeless design also greatly reduces the risk of punctures and allows for easy repairs when the tire has been damaged. 

Thanks to the modular wheel design, the tires can be easily changed and maintained.

11 inch tires dualtron kaabo zero vsett e-scooter



The Dualtron Storm comes with massive mechanical 160mm dual hydraulic brakes giving you incredible braking power & reliability when braking. The brake performance is further improved by the innovative double-acting caliper. The ABS provides a series of intermittent braking signals to help prevent tire lock, effectively stopping the electric scooter over a short distance

 The braking system can also cleverly generate a charge of up to a maximum 15A which is fed back to the battering using the
Active Recovery Charging System.



The Dualtron Storm comes with Rubber suspensions both on the front and back making sure your rides are as comfortable as ever on any type of road! Giving you the option to adjust the system according to your environment and weight. To add to the customisation abilities of the Dualtron Storm e-scooter, you have the option of changing to 5 different cartridges, where a stronger cartridge results in stronger elasticity.

45-step adjustable rubber suspension; using 5 kinds of rubber cartridge and  9-step variable suspension arm


medium soft


medium hard


Feeling colourful?

party maschine

The Storm, like other Dualtron scooters, has brightly lit branding on the deck and steering tube. These lights can be customized to light in different colors, flash, scroll up and down, you name it. The light show is controlled with a small remote that ships with the scooter. The scooter also projects the Dualtron name on the ground — something you see on some cars when the doors are open.



Max 6640W BLDC Dual Hub motors

that can take you to an unfathomable speed of 

100 km/h

There is no calm before the Storm.

There is never a time when you can feel calm when riding the Storm. Equipped with a powerful 6640W dual hub motor, the Storm brings along both speed and power on a ride.

Our additional options

Dualtron e-scooter zurich





Comparison between
The Thunder vs The Storm

the thunder









43 kg

46.2 kg


100 KM

100 KM


0-50km/h (5.2s)

0-50km/h (4.5s)


15-step adjustable new rubber Suspension; 5 kinds of rubber cartridge and 3-step variable suspension arm

45-step adjustable rubber suspension; using 5 kinds of rubber cartridge and  9-step variable suspension arm


CHF  3590,-

CHF 4789,-





5400 W


43 kg


105 km


0-50km/h (5.2s)


15-step adjustable new rubber Suspension; 5 kinds of rubber cartridge and 3-step variable suspension arm


CHF 3590,-





6640 W


46.2 kg


130 km


0-50km/h (4.5s)


45-step adjustable new rubber Suspension; 5 kinds of rubber cartridge and 9-step variable suspension arm


CHF 4789,-

Specification: DUALTRON STORM

Folded dimensions 121 x 31,8 x 60,5 cm
Unfolded dimensions 121 x 60 x 130 cm
Basic Specs
Material Covers: Polypropylene, Frame and handle: Aviavion aluminum forging alloy, 6082-T6, UltralightCarbon Fibre, Shaft: SCM440
Weight 46 kg
Package weight 50 kg
Security (optional), Fingerprint key lock
Display Minimotors
Handlebar Folding handlebar
Power 6640 W Dual Motor
Riding modes Single / Dual Motor
Max speed 100 km/h
Controller 72V 40A
Braking distance Dry road about 3m
Braking method Front & rear disc brakes + EABS, Fully hydraulic
Disc brake size 160mm
Material - front Inflatable rubber tire
Material - rear Inflatable rubber tire
Size - front 11 x 4 inch
Size - rear 11 x 4 inch
Inflation 3.4 bar
Deck ground clearance Adjustable
Incline rate 35%
Standing space 51 x 23,5 cm
Suggested use All types of terrain
Resting spot Rear of the deck
Water resistent level --
Battery 72V 31.5Ah
Battery model LG MJ1/samsung 35E
Battery Type LG
Battery capacity 2'268 Wh
Range 100 km
Charger power 66.4V 1.75A AC/DC, 84V 1,5A AC/DC
Charging time (1 unit 1.5A charger) 21 h, (1 unit fast charger 5A and 1 unit 1.5A charger) 4.8 h, (2 unit 1.5A charge) 10 h
Charging port Two charging ports
Charger input voltage 100-240V ~ 50 / 60HZ
Intelligent system Smart BMS, Temperature abnormality / short circuit / under voltage automatic sleep / over current / over charge / over discharge protection
Front LED light
Rear LED light
Type of light LED
LED colours all colours
Additional lights LED lighting strips on the steering column, LEDs wrap around the edge of the deck
Shock absorbers
Suspension 45-step adjustable new rubber suspension
Height 165 - 205 cm
Maximium weight 150 kg
Structure guarantee 2 years
Battery warranty 6 months

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