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50 KMH*


100 KM


22 KG


130 KG














Kingsong KS-S18

It’s one of the first
e-unicycles in the
world to have a
working shock



Electric Unicycle

KS-S18 is the first KingSong wheel with its own built-in DNM suspension that’s adjustable from on/off to different pressurisation. With a high-exposure design, you can look like you are from the future. With a new upgraded 2200W motor and huge 84V battery pack with Smart BMS system that balance the over-charge, over-current, & short circuit protection. Also note that it fully recharges in 6 hours. You will therefore have enough to drive for a few hours without needing to recharge and this is important for walks.

You can cruise comfortably for incredible distances of 100km with no range anxiety. With the extra large pedals and extra large 18 wheel with a 3 tire is perfect for riding around in the city, down stairs and in the forest. Just let some air out of the tire before going onto rough ground and you’ll have plenty of grip.

Packed with all of the latest features, the KingSong S18 electric unicycle includes a built-in retractable trolley handle to roll it around and carry up stairs. The built in extending handle which turns off the electronics when lifting the wheel. It also has an automatic front and a stylish rear 5W LED lights, soft pads on the sides and a brake light. Battery is made from 21700 type cells which provide higher capacity and space savings than regular 18650 cells used in most coming electric unicycles. When connected to a mobile app through Bluetooth, you can adjust ride settings and warning notifications. This is the ultimate wheel for an enthusiast that can take you anywhere, on or off road.

We recommend always wearing an helmet when riding unicycles. Also knee and palm protection if needed. It’s best to start learning with the help of a friend in an open parking lot or a calm wide street – once you get it, you’ll never want to go back!



Featuring NEW built-in suspension, KS-S18 takes on a sports bike-inspired design with aggressive curvatures, applying aerodynamics with an air intake system like never before. With the S18, King Song focused in on the user experience to create an ergonomic design that seeks to improve the connection between wheel and rider.

iOS and Android


King Song wheels are supported by the KingSong App available for iOS and Android. Take a close look at your stats in real-time such as battery charge, voltage, and internal temps. Choose your ride mode and pedal calibration, upgrade your firmware, and see what other KingSong riders are up to around the world.



Precisely Machined. The KS S18 superior suspension system can be adjusted according to the Rider’s weight and/or ride performance. 

The KingSong S18 is one of the first electric unicycles to offer a full suspension wheel system.


With a unique X-shaped suspension system that allows for up to 4” suspension travel, S18 allows you to turn the suspension on or off as well as adjust the sensitivity. Different pressurisation can be adjusted according to rider weight. With an interchangeable component, riders can customize it to fit their personal modification and riding style.


King Song included all of their latest features to make sure S18 riders never left wanting more. Headlights will be 2x stronger than that of the 16X with an automatic sensor that switches between high and low beam. The rear light will display battery level, braking, and turning within one singular unit. Aluminum handle with robust construction means you can comfortably take your electric unicycle anywhere with you without needing to carry it, and it even has a built in sensor to automatically disengage the motor for those times you need to briefly lift your wheel over an obstacle or up a flight of stairs.


2 CM

The pedals are adjustable allowing riders to lower the platform by 2cm. This allows riders of different heights to have better control and increased comfort levels on the S18.

Padding is designed in cooperation with Kuji Rolls.

1600lm headlight

1600lm headlight with 2 x 5W (high beam) and 2 x 4W (short beam).
Headlights are 2 times stronger to the KingSong 16X with automatic sensor to switch between modes.



Model: KS-S18
Colour: Available in Black
Max Range: Up to 100KM per charge
Battery Capacity: 1110Wh 84V
Motor Power: 2200W (5000W peak)
Max load: 130kg
Top Speed: 50km/h (unlockable after 6 miles of riding)
Climbing Angle: 40 degrees
Suspension: DNM AOY36RC 200-57 Variable linkage dampening air suspension system
Tire: 18 x 3 inch
Weight: 22kg
Charger: DC 84V 2.5 Amp



Tire: 18 x 3 inch 
Pedals: Large 10-inch
Suspension: Variable linkage dampening air suspension system (only one of its kind in the EUC industry)
Handlebar: Retractable ergonomic handle for lifting and pushing the unit
Light: Bright 1600lm headlight with automatic high/low beam (twice as bright as KS16X), responsive rear braking and turning signals
Pedal: Adjustable pedal height



Top Speed

Full throttle unlocked after 10km. Maximum speed of 50 km/h (factory alarm settings: level 1 – 18 km sound alarm level 2 – 19 km sound alarm level 3 – sound alarm with rearward tilt).

Top grade



Rated Power: DC 74V Top Charging Voltage: DC 84V Rated Capacity: 1110Wh Smart BMS with balance and protection from overshoot/over-discharge/over-current/short-circuit/over-heat function, supports battery health monitoring via KingSong APP

Operating temperatur


Max load


Charger Voltage

Input AC 80~240V / Output DC 84V、1.75A/2.5A

Charging time

approx. 10h 1.5A / approx. 6h 2.5A

Motor power


Maximum power



Gum Black


657-557mm(H) x 530mm(L) x 200mm(W)

Pack size

630mm x 300mm x 750mm

Suspension specification

200-57 air suspension

With a variable lever, the bike has 100mm of Adamp travel, which is transferred to the rear suspension with 57mm of travel.

Pedal height


Wheel size

18 inch diameter 3 inch




Charging port, Switch port, Light sensor port, USB discharge port

Indicator lights

The rear light housing shows battery status, brake and turn signals in one unit

Stroke sensor

The lift sensor detects and determines exactly when the wheel is lifted off the ground to stop tire rotation.

Roll protection

45° left and right. (Motor stops when over 45°) Place the machine vertically on the ground, restarts automatically, no need to restart manually.

Speed ​​Limit

Beep alarm or voice alarm when exceeding the limit speed

Low battery protection

Low battery protection activated at 30% battery, speed decreases linearly; When the battery level is less than 5%, voice alert to charge, when the battery level is 0%, the front part of the pedal will be lifted to slow down to a complete stop

Protection against higher temperatures

When the motherboard reaches 80℃, it will cause backward tilt. When the motor reaches 120℃, it will cause tipping back

Turn on/off

Briefly press the power button: switch on
Long press: hear a click, then turn off

Battery indicator

LED indicates battery level when EUC is powered on in sleep mode


Bluetooth 4.0. Enables strong stable data transmission

USB output

Fast Charge 3.0


2*5w bright main beam with 2*4w short beam. Double the power of the 16x and provide excellent illumination at night


Powerful 2200W motor with a maximum torque of 140Nm for fast acceleration


Unique X-shaped suspension system. Race-level suspension provides the ultimate in support and shock absorption


1x charger, 1x manual, 1x pump, 1x warranty card, 1x QC certificate

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