NAMI Burn-e Viper + damper

CHF 3,950.00

Not Road Approved



100 KMH*


120 KM


46 KG


150 KG













*Begrenzt auf 25 km/h
*Die Reichweite kann je nach Fahrergewicht, Fahrstil, Gelände und Reifendruck variieren.


NAMI Burn-e Viper 72V 32Ah

The BURN-E is the
Most Innovative Ultra Performance Scooter Ever Built

hand-welded tubular frame


with steering damper

Two powerful 1500W motors deliver thrilling acceleration up to 60mph. The two smooth 50A Sinewave controllers put you in full control: Start up in walking speed or get to 25mph in just 3 seconds.

Engineered with a hand welded one-piece aluminum frame, a full carbon fiber steering column and polished stainless steel parts, it is beautiful to look at and incredibly durable for high speeds. The tall sitting handlebars make this scooter ultra comfortable for long rides and taller riders.


This beast comes with a 72V 32 Ah battery and has an astonishing real world range of over 50 miles and an optimal range of 90 miles (constant speed of 15mph, 165 lb rider). The Burn E 2 Max uses high quality branded cells from either Panasonic, Samsung, or LG.


All reviewers agree that the Burn E convinces with the smoothest ride ever tested. The hydraulic shocks in combination with the large 11″ tires let you glide along any road condition. You will be surprised how slow 40 mph can feel on a scooter.

The smart display includes 5 different riding modes that are fully customizable by the rider, including independent settings for front and rear motor torque, electric braking strength, acceleration etc. Key performance metrics like remaining range, controller temperature, even G force, are available on demand.

At over 100 lbs it is not made to carry around. However, the innovative and intuitive folding mechanism lets you collapse the stem in 10 seconds. Lifting is surprisingly easy with two hands.

full carbon fibre

tallest handlebar

With handlebars that stand 106.7 cm above the deck, the NAMI is the tallest scooter on the market. That’s 10 cm higher than the handlebars on the Wolf and Wolf King.

NAMI Burn-e Viper 2 + damper SWITZERLAND liferacer.CH
NAMI Burn-e Viper 2 + damper SWITZERLAND liferacer.CH

Nami innovates

smart display

The BURN-E features a large, waterproof smart display which lets riders adjust many settings according to their preferences. You can choose between 5 fully customisable riding including turbo mode for extra power and fun.

The settings of the two controllers is independent: you can therefore independently adjust the acceleration power of the front and rear motor, but also the intensity of the electric braking to establish a perfect balance between the ‘front and back and according to your preferences!

NAMI Burn-e Viper 2 + damper SWITZERLAND liferacer.CH

thumb throttle

finer speed modulation

Another upgrade boasted by the NAMI is the thumb throttle. Compared to the aggressive MINIMOTORS trigger throttle found on other Wolf models, the thumb throttle offers the rider better control and smoother acceleration.

Zero stress

Up to 120 km range. In your daily trips, to get to work or for leisure, you will have enough energy to enjoy your journeys without worrying about recharging. 



Smart designed handlebar is fitted with non-slip and anti-bacterial grips. They also have a little clamps at the end which lock them down and keep them from rotating.

another cockpit upgrade

smart SWITCH

Turn signal and headlight switches with LEDs above each button to let you know when they’re active.


2000 Lumen

A powerful 2000 Lumen headlight is positioned on the upper part of the scooter, under the handlebars, for optimal lighting of your trajectory. 

Stand wide, ride hard

The 29.2 cm wide by 55.9 cm long deck has more than enough room for any size rider
It’s rubber, and enormous allowing to move around during long rides. The simple pattern and material make this type of deck the easiest deck to clean.

304 stainless steel

steel folding

Patent designed thread lock taper folding system, 304 stainless steel folding parts.

carbon & aluminium

The steering column is entirely in carbon, the frame in 6082 aviation aluminium and the folding mechanism imagined by Nami is machined in type 304 stainless steel.

Nami BURN-E 2

steering damper

The scooter is fitted with a steering damper. Similar to that on Dualtron’s top models, a steering damper increase control by driving at high speeds.

118 dB

motorcycle horn

Extremely loud horn that would get you the attention you need.

The loudest horn we’ve ever heard on an electric scooter. It’s activated by a button on the left side of the handlebars and is basically a small car horn that is mounted on a scooter.

peak power autput

8400 Watts


Two powerful brushless motors of 1500W each for a total of 3000W, with a peak at 8400W, giving it a monstrous torque. This electric scooter can travel up 45° inclines and reach speeds of 100 km/h in seconds.

On the controller side, NAMI engineers have opted for 50 amp sin wave controllers, allowing the motors to be quieter.

The BURN-E broke records for best acceleration, reaches 48 km/h in 3.7 seconds,  

NUTT disc brakes


To slow down the 47kg of the Burn-e, Nami has chosen to equip its electric scooter with 2 piston hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm disc, as well as the traditional electromagnetic brakes adjustable in intensity, which equip the majority of current electric scooters.



The Kaabo Wolf Warrior electric scooter comes with massive mechanical 145mm dual hydraulic brakes giving you incredible braking power & reliability when braking. The brake performance is further improved by the innovative double-acting calliper. The ABS provides a series of intermittent braking signals to help prevent tire lock, effectively stopping the electric scooter over a short distance

 The braking system can also cleverly generate a charge of up to a maximum 15A which is fed back to the battering using the
Active Recovery Charging System.

165mm hydraulic coil

adjustable suspensions

For driving comfort, the Burn-e electric scooter is equipped with two adjustable 165mm hydraulic coil suspensions.

72V 32Ah Samsung

The Nami Burn-e is equipped with a large 72V 32Ah battery with Panasonic/LG/Samsung 18650 cells which are among the most efficient cells on the market.lt is lowing this scooter to travel a whopping 100km maximum range due to its 2520 wh Samsung battery and efficient sine-wave controllers.


Charging Time


Per Charge


Smart Battery Management System


With a smart battery controller, the BMS provides accurate calculation of the battery life and shows the percentage of charging, meanwhile, the discharging of electricity, provides all the safety assets in order to ensure safety and stability for the battery.  


output over-voltage protection

output over-current protection

output over-circuit protection

ripple and peak control

input over-voltage protection

input over-current protection

over-charging voltage protection

over-charging current protection

over-discharging voltage protection

over-discharging current protection

2 charging ports for



Nami BURN E e-scooter comes with two charging ports designed to allow charging from two different sources at the same time. 

The BURN E comes with one fast 5A charger so you can charge this massive battery in around 7 hours.

11 inches


The Nami Burn-e is fitted with 90 / 65-6.5 road or off road tubeless tires on demand, on 11 inches rims.

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