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one of the most
hyped next
generation of
e-scooters for 2021

Combo of comfort, performance & safety

85 km/h *

110 km *

35 °

12 h

130 kg

39 kg

60V 20.8Ah

85 km/h *

130 km *

35 °

12 h

130 kg

39 kg

60V 25.6Ah











*Limited to 25 km/h
*Range may vary depending on rider weight, riding style, terrain and tyre pressure.


The next generation of electric scooters.

Safety always comes first. The Vsett 10+ electric scooter maintains the main aesthetics of the Zero 10, but elevates it to a new level with a more striking yellow-black color, a more modern and sporty design frame, that is made of a very strong aluminum alloy used in the aerospace industry. The innovative massive folding mechanism is fast, comfortable and, above all, safe thanks to its safety latch. The entire structure is carefully balanced to maintain stability even at higher speeds, which can reach up to 85 km/h in “SPORT” mode. For less experienced riders, there is the possibility to limit the maximum speed by switching off the front engine and thus halve the power of the scooter. 

However, the extreme performance also includes a high-quality braking system , which this scooter already has as a standard. Fully Nutt’s hydraulic and years-tested disc brakes can brake effectively from higher speeds using minimal force on the brake lever. In combination with electric ABS with automatic power off function..

The VSETT 10 delivers blistering performance with dual 1400 W motors which accelerate the VSETT 10 up to 85 km/h in Sport Mode, making this the fastest scooter in this price range and weight class.

The high-quality and solid construction of the entire scooter enables a total load capacity of up to 130 kg. The scooter also has the option of activating a function, the so-called ” Kick-start “, which prevents an unwanted start from the place. Vsett 10+ comes with IP44 certificate, so you don’t have to worry about bad weather and dirt on your clothes. As a bonus, there is an easy-to-maintain mat deck area that prevents the rider from slipping in bad weather or in extreme situations.

Vsett 10+ e-Scooter is equipped with powerful LED lights. Be seen with taillights, flashing brake lights and integrated turn signal lights and an electric horn will allow the driver to drive safely not only during the day, but also in reduced visibility. Feel secure with the robust patented triple locking mechanism for the folding hex stem rise.




VSETT 8 48V 15.6Ah, 500W

VSETT 9 52V 13Ah, 500W

VSETT 9 52V 16Ah, 500W

VSETT 9+ 48V 19.2Ah, 2 x 250W (SWISS EDITION)

VSETT 10+ 60V 25.6Ah, 2 x 1400W

VSETT 11+ 60V 31.2Ah, 2 x 1500W


Foldable handlebar

Normally collapsible handlebars are straight. On the VSETT 10+ the handle bar is curved which makes  more enjoyable ride experience and it is  extremely rigid and performs like a one-piece solid frame handlebar.

The dashboard contains an LCD display, voltage display, brakes and key card switch. To ensure maximum safety for you and everyone else on the road, the left side of the dashboard is equipped with controls for turn signals, an electric horn and lights . 

Upgraded enclosed

QS-S4 Display

Newest NFC throttle display with independent voltage display. The QS-S4 features a large, back-lit acrylic-covered enclosed LCD, three buttons (mode and power), and a trigger-style throttle.

The display shows all important datasuch as speed, current gear, daily mileage (TRIP), total mileage (ODO) and current battery charge level. Thanks to the high brightness, the display is readable even in adverse weather conditions .

NFC card key security

The whole VSETT lines features an innovative, revolutionary NFC (Near Field Communication) card key security system. That means you can activate the scooter by a chip in the form of a keychain, a handy phone or a watch with NFC support.

You need to make sure your phone have NFC function and support to control scooter. Some phones have NFC function but can’t control scooter such as iPhone 11.


turn signal button


powerful brightness

2 minutes

electric nitro

To take full advantage of the front and rear electric motors, you have the option of using DUAL MODE by pressing the DDM button on the left side. If you want to experience electric nitro special SPORT MODE and the maximum of this scooter, start the SPORT mode by pressing the SPORT button in which VSETT 11+ pushes all the peak power into the motors.
Sport mode would last for two minutes, then switch to normal automatically. 

Sport mode is invalid unless the speed-limiter is removed.



managmement system

Creatively developed temperature protection programs in controller. It provides 2 stages of protection. If the controller detect overheating, the first stage would work to cut off the power tor 30 seconds automatically. If the scooter continue to overheat, the second stage open for 3 minutes. 

The purpose of limiting the time in sport mode, is to prevent the controller from overheating and burning out.

LED Lights

With high visibility front, side, and rear LED lighting you can feel sake and aware when riding in the darkest environment. 

Folding Switch

Say goodbye to wobbly handlebars with the new highly secured triple locked foldable stem. A new and improved folding mechanism is both secure and convenient with its easy to use failsafe latch. The whole rider stem down to the deck is solid, weighty and sturdy with no rattles, squeaks or creaks all translating to a really stable ride.






18 cm of Ground Clearance

VSETT 10+ deck design measures 86.5 cm long by 21.6 cm wide with 18 cm of ground clearance. The deck surface is a durable, pliable, texturised rubber that tucks into the deck’s framework.

Adjustable hybrid suspension

A modern type of suspension, a combination of spring and hydraulic shock absorbers enabling ride in any terrain. The combination of the two suspension systems makes ride stable and comfortable. 


when folded

to lift and move around


Wide and Long Design

The base of the scooter is wide and long, giving you a big area to plant your feet on and have a steady stance.

With Ease

With this power, climbing up a 35° grade hill will no longer be an issue with such brutal and raw power.

*Numbers are based on average 75 kg rider, subjected to be affected by actual road conditions, battery levels and other actual riding conditions.

2 charging ports for



VSETT comes with two charging ports designed to allow charging from two different sources at the same time. If you are looking to charge your batteries faster, you can use 2 currents and reduce time for 50%.

10 x 3 inch

Wide City Tires

VSETT 10+ features large and thick 10 x 3 inch tires with pneumatic inner-tube. Comfortable and stable ride for any type of terrains: asphalt, dirty lanes, country roads, and more.

Silicone Grip Mat

Feel a sense of safety even when you are wearing the muddiest shoes.


Hydraulic disc brakes

All electric vehicles generate tire locks during sudden braking, resulting in tire skids, sudden stops and loss of control, causing the rider to fall off and get injured. In order to solve the problem of wheels locking up during emergency braking, the ABS provides a series of intermittent braking signals to help prevent tire lock, effectively stopping the electric scooter over a short distance. 


Despite the versatility of the scooter, the weight can be limited to some riders around 39 kg, so any stairs will probably not please you. Likewise, the performance and robust construction is at the expense of storage, so it is difficult to take it to a restaurant, for example, but you will have to lock it outside like a bicycle. Carrying a scooter for a short distance does not require much effort , but you certainly would not want to pull it to the upper floor of the house without an elevator. Its size will fit in the trunk of a regular car, but expect that you will not have much space left in it.


Our additional options



Remove speed limit

Install off-road tires


The vehicle VSETT 10+ is not approved for use on Swiss public roads and is only intended for use on private paths and places.

Specification: VSETT 10+

Folded dimensions 129 x 28 x 55cm
Unfolded dimensions 129 x 64 x 121 cm
Package 134.5 x 29 x 63cm
Basic Specs
Material Aviation aluminum forging alloy, 6082-T6
Weight 39 kg
Package weight 42
Color Black, Yellow
Security Smart NFC key lock
Display QS-S4
Handlebar Folding handlebar
Certification CE, FCC, ROHS
Power 2 x 1400 DC Brushless
Power output max 4200W
Riding modes SPORT mode, Turbo and ECO mode
Max speed 80 km/h SPORT mode
Controller 25km/h
Braking distance Dry road about 3m
Braking method EABS (Electric brake system), Front + Rear hydraulic disc brakes
Disc brake size 160mm
Material - front Inflatable rubber tire
Material - rear Inflatable rubber tire
Size - front 10 X 3 inch
Size - rear 10 X 3 inch
Inflation 3.1 bar
Deck ground clearance 18 cm
Incline rate 35°
Suggested use All types of terrain, All weather conditions
Resting spot Additional footrest rear of the deck
Water resistent level IP54
Battery Type LG, Li-lon battery pack 18650
Range 110km (ECO mode)
Charger power 1.5A
Charging time 12.3 h
Charging port Two charging ports
Charger input voltage 100-240V ~ 50 / 60HZ
Intelligent system Smart BMS, Temperature abnormality / short circuit / under voltage automatic sleep / over current / over charge / over discharge protection
Front 2 front LED lights, Front spotlight
Rear Rear Brake Light
Type of light LED
LED colours White (front) and Red (rear)
Additional lights Front and rear turn signals
Shock absorbers
Suspension Adjustable, font + rear hybrid of coil-spring and polyurethane
Additional 2 minutes electric nitro - SPORT mode, electric Horn, hook on the stem to lock it when folded, improved stem and locking mechanism, INTEGRATED turn signal button
Height 165 - 205 cm
Maximium weight 130 kg
Structure guarantee 2 years
Battery warranty 1 year

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