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The ZERO 8X is the MOST POWERFUL E-SCOOTER with airless tires on the market!

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55 km/h *

70 km *

7 h

120 kg

33 kg

52V 18Ah






*Limited to 25 km/h
*Range may vary depending on rider weight, riding style, terrain and tyre pressure.


The Zero 8X is everything the Zero 10X is.

The ZERO 8X is a powerful, dual suspension, dual drive electric scooter. Except, the ZERO 8X is a good tire length shorter and more compact than the ZERO 10X, making it the love child of the ZERO 10X and ZERO 8. 

The front and rear suspension on the ZERO 8X is the same as the ZERO 10X, using a hybrid spring and hydraulic suspension system. If you liked the floating feel on the Z10X, you would feel the same floating suspension on the Z8X.

The 8 x 3.5 inch tires are honeycombed solid tires which does not require any air inflation (hence no risk of punctures) but yet achieves a nice comfortable bounce similar to air/pneumatic tires. 

Equipped with 2 front and 2 rear LED lights with under chassis lights, the ZERO 8X has a flood of lights that makes night riding safe and visible. 

The rigid foldable handlebars on the Z8X is a bulky departure from the Z10X. unlike many other foldable handlebars on the market, the Z8X’s handlebars have absolutely no free play and the 60cm length provides a stable comfortable handle grip. 

The same double quick release folding mechanism on the Z10X was applied to the Z8X. This double clamp system gives the entire steering stem rigidity and strength

The control unit is simple, functional and well designed.

A solid handlebar like on mountain bikes with quality handrails. The fairly wide handlebars, allow for a very natural position and give the rider excellent stability and control over the scooter. Great balance of comfort and performance.

Folding handlebar like a one-piece solid frame handlebar

Foldable sports handlebar has zero free play. When unfolded, ZERO 8X handlebar is extremely rigid and performs like a one-piece solid frame handlebar.

Furthermore, the folding handlebars help keep this design compact for storing and portability.

The latching mechanism is very safe, with 3 catches to prevent it from accidentally folding. These folding handlebars make a great addition to your ZERO 8X. 

Two stylish OLED displays

2 stylish OLED displays that offer a big amount of functionality and information. The great thing about the coloured display is that is visible under direct sunlight. You won’t have a hard time looking at your dashboard even during the sunniest days. It gives you the following data:

‣ Your current speed (Speedometer)
‣ The total mileage (Odometer)
‣ The battery life
‣ Your riding mode (Turbo/ECO and SIngle/Dual motor engagement)
‣ Cruise control

Voltage display

The second screen, located on another side, shows the voltage of the battery. Pretty useful, as there are many times when you need to monitor the voltage of your battery for both security and convenience reasons.

Security / Theft Protection and Bell

The ZERO 8X comes with a bell mounted on the handlebar and a key switch with a circuit breaker that is located under the dashboard and turns the scooter on and off.

However, LIFE RACER would advise against leaving your scooter outside for long periods of time, and if you do, make sure to lock it with a combination of high-quality locks

Wide and Long Design

Being almost four times bigger than normal scooters, it makes the rest of the scooters look tiny and weak. 

The base of the scooter is wide and long, giving you a big area to plant your feet on and have a steady stance.

15.3 cm of Ground Clearance

The deck has 50.9 by 18.0 cm of standing space, an awesome Zero 8X logo, and cool LED side lights. The suspension configuration gives the deck 15.3 cm of ground clearance — enough to clear many obstacles

Spring Hydraulic Suspensions

This is the best type of suspension system you will find on an electric scooter. The combination provides a suspension that is stiff on smooth roads but able to react quickly to soak up bumps. It is tuned for keeping you pinned to the road at speed and ensuring an errant pothole doesn’t throw you over the handlebars.

The ZERO 8X has the same dual, spring hydraulic suspension system as the Zero 10X. The suspension is medium stiff and provides ~5 cm of travel.

If you like the floating feel on the Zero 10X, you would feel the same floating suspension on the ZERO 8X.

LED lights for added Visibility ​

The Zero 8X has both front and rear lights that are mounted low on the deck; it also has LEDs that wrap around the edge of the deck. 

​The ZERO 8X has a flood of lights that makes night riding safe and visible.

Front and Rear Disc Brakes

The brakes are of high quality and require no adjustmentsout of the box.

Unique system brings this rocket down to zero from 24 km/h (15 mp/h) in a distance of just 3 meters. A typical quality scooter requires between 4 and 8 meters of distance to come to a stop.S

topping power is afforded by front and rear disc brakes as well as electronic motor brakes. Both systems are controlled by hand-operated brake levers mounted on the handlebars.

The electronic system is activated just as soon as you start to squeeze down on the brake lever. The strength of electronic braking can be controlled via the LCD display P-settings. Pulling the brake lever further takes up slack in the cable  and activates the disc brakes. The braking control feels moderately linear and requires low effort for maximal braking.

Monster Motor


The Zero 8X packs front and rear 800 W nominal, 1600-watt (combined) peak power electric motors, the ZERO 8X offers more than adequate zippiness especially in upslope conditions. Equipped with a 20A controller, the ZERO 8X offers more than adequate zippiness especially in upslope conditions. It is the most powerful e-scooter with airless tires on the market!

Are you tired of getting flats?


Are you tired of getting flats? Or does the fear of getting a flat prevent you from enjoying your scooter to the full extent? Enjoy your Zero 8X ride with solid honeycomb tires and flat tires will be a thing of the past! 

The Zero 8X features 8-inch by 3.5-inch airless (solid) tires. We usually favour pneumatic (air-filled) tires because of the performance benefits but we were impressed by the 8X’s tires.


To make it more portable, the ZERO 8X has both a folding stem and folding handlebars. Together, these shrink the scooter to 118 X 33 X 44.5 cm when folded — a much more compact size.

Despite its significant weight, it folds compactly enough to store in some surprising places. When folded it can easily fit into the trunk of almost any car, as for public transport.

Having a scooter like the ZERO 8X, you probably won’t ever step a foot inside a bus or metro because. Considering the huge range and amazing riding comfort, you can use this scooter for long-mile rides.



The vehicle ZERO 8X is not approved for use on Swiss public roads and is only intended for use on private paths and places.

Specification: ZERO 8X

Folded dimensions 118 x 22 x 48 cm
Unfolded dimensions 118 x 61 x 124 cm
Package 122 x 34 x 56.5 cm
Basic Specs
Material Forged aluminium
Weight 33 kg
Color Black
Security Key switch with a circuit breaker
Display OLED color display and voltage display
Handlebar Folding handlebar
Certification CE, FCC, ROHS, SAFETY Mark
Power 2 x 800 W DC Brushless
Riding modes Turbo and ECO mode
Max speed 25km/h (55km/h on private land)
Speed limiter Advanced: second gear up to 12 km/h , Beginner: first gear up to 6 km/h, Professional: third gear up to 25 km/h
Controller 2 x 20A
Braking distance Dry road about 3m
Braking method Front & rear disc brakes
Material - front Solid honeycomb tire
Material - rear Solid honeycomb tire
Size - front 8 x 3.5 inch
Size - rear 8 x 3.5 inch
Inflation Soft rubber
Incline rate 25%
Standing space 50.9 x 18 cm
Suggested use All types of terrain
Resting spot Additional footrest rear of the deck
Water resistent level --
Battery 18'000 mah
Battery capacity 52V 18Ah
Range 60 - 70 km (ECO mode)
Charger power 52V 2Ah
Charging time 7 h
Charging port Two charging ports
Charger input voltage 100-240V ~ 50 / 60HZ
Intelligent system Temperature abnormality / short circuit / under voltage automatic sleep / over current / over charge / over discharge protection
Front 2 front LED lights
Rear 2 rear LED lights
Type of light LED
LED colours White (front) and Red (rear)
Additional lights LEDs wrap around the edge of the deck
Shock absorbers
Suspension Front and Rear spring hydraulic suspension
Additional +/- 5 cm of travel
Height 152-205 cm
Maximium weight 120 kg
Structure guarantee 2 years
Battery warranty 1 year

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