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45 km/h *

50 km *

5 h

100 kg

18 kg

52V 13Ah





52V 13Ah

*Limited to 25 km/h
*Range may vary depending on rider weight, riding style, terrain and tyre pressure.


The Zero8’s big sister engineered for functional comfort and reliable performance

The Zero 9 consistently comes to the top of electric scooter rankings in a variety of categories and is well-ranked all around. This is for a good reason. The Zero 9 has fantastic build quality, power enough to conquer most hills, and more range than you’ll ever need. All this in a 18kg package and at a killer price have made the Zero 9 one of our favourite scooters for a long time.

The ZERO 9 is basically an amped-up ZERO 8 with a higher power output, with the LG version offers an improved 13ah battery for 2020. Air tires front and rear to provide more ride comfort and double brakes (rear drum brakes and front disc brake). With a range of up to 50km per charge, this escooter is a great choice for riders who need to go the distance but still want something compact.

Whether you commute directly from home to work everyday or work as a delivery rider, the ZERO 9 will guarantee you a comfortable ride throughout your long journey.

Folding handlebar

The handlebars have a solid folding screw-type mechanism. This allows them to fold but feel very solid and strong when unfolded.

Furthermore, the folding handlebars help keep this design compact for storing and portability. 

Stylish OLED displays

Stylish OLED displays that offer a big amount of functionality and information. The great thing about the coloured display is that is visible under direct sunlight. You won’t have a hard time looking at your dashboard even during the sunniest days. It gives you the following data:

‣ Your current speed (Speedometer)
‣ The total mileage (Odometer)
‣ The battery life
‣ Your riding mode (Turbo/ECO and SInglE/Dual motor engagement)
‣ Cruise control

Adjustable stem

A stem extender can raise your bar up to 10 inches (25.4 cm) to a completely different type of ride–more upright, and less opportunity for the upper body to help with steep climbs and fast descents. 

★ Make storage easy

★ Quick locking hinge

★ Fist nearly all heights comfortably

Convenient single-action folding joint

The ZERO 9 is one of the most effortless electric scooters to transport. You can fold the stem of this lightweight scooter into a very compact frame with its convenient latch-feature. To make the scooter even smaller, it features spring-loaded handlebars that you can quickly fold and unfold.

This engineering breakthrough makes it dramatically easier to fold and carry than every other scooter on the market


Wild deck​ with 10.2cm of ground clearance

One of our favourite features of this scooter is the generous 52.07cm by 19.55cm deck that is spacious and contributes to a pleasant ride. Even riders with large feet won’t have a problem with this scooter.

As a bonus, there is nothing attached to the rear of the deck, so your feet can actually hang over the edge, giving you even more space.

The deck has 10.16 cm of ground clearance, which is enough to drop off most curbs without bottoming-out.

Front spring suspension

Have you ever gone over a bump in the road and felt the full impact? That’s a sign of poor suspension. Having a suspension system with the front spring and dual rear hydraulic suspensions you will be able to ride bumpy trails, gravel and even make jumps (not advisable).

★ Enhances riding experience

★ Promotes a smooth ride

Dual hydraulic suspension

 Front spring suspension and rear hydraulic shocks come above standard. And they both work perfect!

Dual brakes

The ZERO 9 comes with front disc and rear drums brakes. 

Disc brakes are king, and drum brakes are a close second. Combined, the ZERO 9 has a reliable and strong braking system.

With unique and excellent system you are able to bring the scooter from 24km/h to a stop in 3m. The typical stopping distance for scooters ranges from 5 to 8m.

The brakes are of high quality and require no adjustments
out of the box.

600W Hub Motor

The 600 W rear motor has a peak power of 1200 watts and provides excellent acceleration up to about 30km/h — then creeps up to its top speed.

The ZERO 9 hit 25km/h in 4.2 seconds, 32km/h in 7.1 seconds, and 40km/h in 11.8 seconds. This is significantly faster than a typical ride-share scooter (6 seconds to 25km/h).

8.5 x 2 inch Tires

The rear wheel of the bike has much better grip, which is why the engine mounted on the back is ideal also for off-road riding and wet surfaces. It transfers power directly to the wheel and minimises the possibility of understeer slip. Thanks to the hermetic connector, removing the wheel is completely trouble-free. 

Swag LED Lights

The scooter ZERO 9 has both front and rear lighting. 

The ZERO 9 also has a large amount of swag lighting. Running up the stem is a bright LED strip. On either side of the deck are LED strips, so-called “ground effects,” that light up the road Tron-style.

The lighting is sufficient for providing visibility to others on the road at night.



The handlebars have a solid folding screw-type mechanism. This allows them to fold but feel very solid and strong when unfolded. 

When folded it can easily fit into the trunk of every car.  The FOLDING handlebar of the scooter makes it easy to fit under a bus or metro seat. 

Having a scooter like the ZERO 9, you probably won’t ever step a foot inside a bus or metro. Considering the huge range and amazing riding comfort, you can use this scooter for long-mile rides.

As for storing it at work, you will more likely be able to secure it under your office desk or in the garage.

Specification: ZERO 9

Model ZERO 9
Battery 52V 13Ah
Tyre 9 inch pneumatic front & rear
Brakes Single rear drum brake
Range 50 km
Top Speed 45 km/h (25km/h)
Weight 18 kg
Suspension Front spring & rear hydraulic suspension
Lights Front and rear lights
Controller 2 x 25A controller
Motor Power 600W gearless motor
Max. Load 120 kg

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