VSETT is finally coming to Switzerland

LIFE RACER will be launching five VSETT electric scooters in the Switzerland, available for PRE-ORDER in limited numbers. The five all-new models some really sweet unique features and we are excited to see them first hand in a few weeks. We will break down the whole FIVE models so you can figure out what VSETT is best for you.

What is new on VSETT Electric Scooters

    » Charging ports on the top of the deck
    » LG Batteries
    » NFC card reader to unlock scooter
    » Turn signal indicators
    » Integrated turn signal button
    »  Updated QS-S4 throttle to prevent magnet failure
    »  Adjustable suspension
    » Rear foot rest
    »  IP45 water resistance rating
    » improved stem and locking mechanism
    » swing-arm suspension systems
    »  2 MINUTES nitro speed button
    »  hook on the stem to lock it when folded
    » Electric Horn

One of the most hyped next generation scooters for 2021

The VSETT 11+ takes electric scooters to a whole new level with an insane range up to 160 km and with this very powerful twin-engine electric scooter of a new generation. VSETT 11+ is equipped with two powerful 1500 W motors, which produce the power up to 2 x 3000 W. Such power under ideal conditions will allow you a speed of up to 85 km/h. It is definitely one of the most advanced scooters on the market today.

The new VSETT 10+ aims to be the super-scooter performance king. A large 60v 25.6Ah LG battery and two 35a motor controllers drive new 1.6kW nominal dual-motors. These new motor controllers feature overheat protection and a temporary overboost function deployed by a NITRO button. 

The new VSETT 9+ is a super-usable compact performance scooter.  Components have been expertly judged to provide the rider with all the real-world performance needed without the bulk.  The VSETT 9+ is scalpel sharp for point-to-point urban rides, with the torque and agility to keep you out of danger and the suspension to deal with the meanest city streets. 

The new VSETT 9 sure packs a lot of power for its size. At 52 volt with a 16Ah battery with LG cells this is a nice step up from the ZERO 9 or ZERO 8 and a great way to enter into the quality of VSETT scooters. The VSETT 9 also features a newly designed lighting system and folding mechanism which will definitely make you the envy of your city! Plus, the VSETT 9 is street legal!

The new VSETT 8 is the only scooters in the VSETT line with an adjustable stem. It is an excellent scooter for older children and adults since you can adjust the height to the rider. The VSETT 8 is street legal and with it’s 500W motor delivers hill climbing torque. Compact dimensions and a quick folding mechanism will allow the VSETT 8 to handle a daily mixed commute including trains and car boots.  Vsett has specified a solid rear tire to rule out punctures and kept the weight to a minimum should you need to carry the scooter. 

The VSETT is now on PRE-ORDER through our online shop LIFERACER.CH to be delivered in 4-5 weeks. To save some extra money, get your VSETT with pre-order price.

Pre-order available till 

26. May 2021

Order to guarantee that you’ll get it first!


We hope it has been helpful for you! 

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Have a nice ride!

– Your LIFE RACER Team. –

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