Warranty & Disclaimer

The LIFE RACER is committed to producing high quality products and we offer a two year warranty on our products.

You will receive 2 years warranty on the main scooter frame and 1 year on other major components.

You must be the original owner and have your proof of purchase or order number. The warranty protects you against manufacturing defects.

The warranty period on all scooters is 12/24 months.

Please also take note of the weigh restrictions for your scooter and read the manual before using your scooter.

Please also take note of the weigh restrictions for your scooter and read the manual before using your scooter.

In order to enjoy your e-scooters fully and for a long time, LIFE RACER strongly advise you the correct use of e-scooters. Please have a look of main recommendations for use of e-scooters


The guarantee is the responsibility of the manufacturer. The manufacturer is in compliance with the law obliged to provide the purchaser a guarantee for the proper functioning of the purchased goods. 

The warranty will cover manufacturing faults with the scooter. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective items and said repair and replacements are the sole remedies of the warranty.

The shipping costs to ship the product back to us and from us will not be covered. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss.

2 years warranty on the main scooter frame

1 year on other major components

This Limited Warranty covers the Product and each of its following component parts (“Components”) only:

» Hub motor;

» Battery (except if battery was short circuited or seals of the battery enclosure or cells were broken were tempered or the battery was used in equipment other than its intended use);

» Controller;

» Throttle and battery indicator unit;

» Charger unit; and

» All other electrical wiring and components.

What does my warranty not cover?

Any modification to the scooter will void the warranty. The warranty will also be void if you are not the original owner. The warranty is non transferrable. 

» General wear and tear or any damage caused by misuse is not covered. The warranty covers you solely against manufacturing faults.

» Accidental or crash damage, abuse, miss-use, attempting tricks, water damage, neglect, exceeding the weight limit, changing settings or anything else that results in damage caused by the user is not covered by the warranty. 

» Damage due to improper assembly or maintenance.

» Damage due to the installation of incompatible parts or accessories or installation of parts or accessories that were not intended for or compatible with the product.

» Corrosion

» Failure to perform maintenance or service at appropriate intervals.

» Replacement of consumables (bulbs, lights, fuses, tires, inner tube…).

» Scooters which have not been serviced in accordance with the instructions in the user manual, i.e. every year and/or 1000 km, are excluded from any warranty.

» Any scooter which has been structurally modified to develop more power than is legally required may lose all warranty.

HOW TO CLAIM warranty?

If you have a warranty claim, you will need to follow the below process:

» Contact our Customer Services team at and a member of our team will send you a warranty claim form.

» You will need to fill out the claim form and email over photo’s / videos of the issue along with a proof of purchase.

» The form will need to be retuned to us via email and our representatives will guide you through this process.

» Our specialist technical team will determine the issue and defect based on the information that you have provided within your warranty claim form and they will require you to send back the original defective part / items.

» Our team will examine the goods and if they confirm that it is defective or faulty (a warranty issue), your product will be fixed or replaced free of charge.

Warranty terms for customers outside of the Switzerland:

Customers who have their products delivered outside of the CH our warranty policy above still applies, however we would not be always able to accept a product to be shipped back to us (depend on the country). We will ship the required parts to you if necessary after viewing photos and videos of the issue. If this does not solve the issue we would look for a local technician on your country.

All of our scooters are adult scooters, and should not be ridden by anyone under the age of 16 years of age. Most of our scooters have a weight limit of 100kg – 120Kg. SCOOTERS ARE NOT WATERPROOF.


The use of e-scooters is legal, but Switzerland is known to be quite strict in terms of road laws. 

In order to be considered as a road legal electric scooter, the electric scooter must meet the following criteria, among others:

The use of e-scooters is legal, but Switzerland is known to be quite strict in terms of road laws. 

In order to be considered as a road legal electric scooter, the electric scooter must meet the following criteria, among others:

» A motor power not exceeding 500 Watts

» A maximum speed of 20 km/h

» A front and rear brake (including at least one brake acting by friction)

Anyone over the age of 16 can use an e-scooter without a permit. On the other hand, adolescents between the ages of 14 and 16 must have an M permit (for mopeds).

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