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Driven by our Desire

LIFERACER.ch started out as a personal electric scooter retailer in Zürich. Through serving 1 customer at a time, pushing only quality boundaries, we soon grew to become the leading premium electric scooter company.

We are driven by our desire to offer you the best products, objective buying advice and unrivalled customer service, while making a real, meaningful positive impact on the way we all travel every day.  

LIFERACER.ch Big Moments

LIFERACER.ch was founded by entrepreneur Jure Markac and his passion for new, game-changing technology that improves everyday lives and satisfy even the biggest adrenaline junkies.

The Company

The city of the future

Jure himself started as a user of electric scooters. His own experience made him realize the huge potential of this new form of mobility. The legalisation in most European countries is already a success for him, but his vision continues: Jure wants to establish electric scooters as an integral part of an emission-free mobility. 

Our Mission

We work directly with brands and manufacturers to ensure that you get the best quality products at the best possible price. 

Our Vision

We are not there only to sell you, but we fully stand behind the product with all spare parts, repairs and covering the 2 years warranty.  

Why choose us?


When you spend over CHF 1000,- over our website, you expect to be taken care of.  As one of the most trusted electric scooter shop in the Switzerland (check Google reviews) , our team is responsible to ensure your scooter is of quality standards.

Every single electric scooter undergoes stringent quality testing to ensure that our riders receive products of superior quality.

When you email us at [email protected] – You are getting support from an entire team. From the customer service, to the technicians, to the operations, to the shipping and logistics, to the admins.

When you click checkout and buy on our website, the magic happens behind the scenes. The whole team is responsible for one another to ensure every single order goes out perfectly. Believe us, if something as simple as a spare pouch was not packed in your order, we have shouting matches in the office. We rarely make any mistakes, but we care if something wrong happens, and we fix it immediately. 

All orders will be shipped from our main office in Wettingen. 

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