E-Scooter Repair Price List

Welcome to the LIFERACER.CH Service Center

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Since autumn 2018, we at LIFERACER.CH have taken a new approach by offering a comprehensive repair service. No matter whether you are already a loyal customer of LIFERACER.CH or are simply looking for a reliable repair service – we are here for you.

Our service:

  • Fast diagnosis: Our experienced team will quickly analyze your problem and provide a detailed repair quote within 24 hours.
  • Customer-friendly service: We speak your language! Our service team is available to assist you in a friendly and competent manner and will be happy to answer all your questions.
  • High-quality repairs: We only use original parts and the latest technology to ensure your e-scooter returns in top condition.
  • Out-of-warranty repairs: Even if your warranty has expired, we can help you. We repair all models, regardless of brand.
  • Pick-up and delivery service: If you don’t have a store near you, we offer a convenient pickup and delivery service. Your e-scooter will be picked up from you and returned to you after the repair.

This is how it works:

Simply fill out our contact form or call us to discuss your repair request.

Our team will review your concern and send you a quote within 24 hours.

After your approval, we will carry out the repair and only use original spare parts.

You will receive text-messege that e-Scooter is ready to be picked up.

Tires & Tubes

Tube / Tire Change (front or rear)

CHF 60,-

Tube / Tire Change (front & rear)

CHF 95,-

Solid Tire VSETT 9/9+ Change (pro tire)

CHF 90,-

Etwow and Ninebot ES / G30 (pro tire)

CHF 90,-

Solid Tire VSETT 8/8+ Change (pro tire)

CHF 90,-

Tubeless Tire Change 11 inches (front or rear)

CHF 105,-

Tubeless Tire Change 11 inches (front & rear)

CHF 155,-

OKO tire puncture protection fluid implication

CHF 10,- / tire 

Parts replacment

Replace the motor

CHF 140,-

Replace the battery

ab CHF 90,-

Replace the controller

CHF 75,- 

Replace the display

CHF 35,-

Replace the rear or front fender

CHF 29,-


Finger print key switch installation

CHF 55,-

Key switch installation

CHF 65,-

More And more...

Waterproofing with silicon 

CHF 35,-

Cleaning (frame, drive and parts)

CHF 69,-


Service - Basic

CHF 115,- 

Service - 1000 km

CHF 350,-

Repair & Service 1 hour

CHF 95,-

Return & Deliver

ab CHF 90,-hour

Brakes & Pads

Brakes adjustment

CHF 20,- 

Brake pads change (includes adjustment)

CHF 25,- 

Brake lever change

CHF 45,- 

Brake Bleed (Hydraulic)

CHF 35,-

Disk brake / brake caliper change

CHF 25,-

Speed manipulation

RC speed limiter installation

from CHF 60,-

Remove of the speed limit

CHF 59,-

Speed limitation (on 20km/h)

CHF 59,- 


Steering column adjusted

CHF 25,-

Tightening of loose screws, especially around the folding join

CHF 25,-

Prices do not include cost of physical parts / components unless stated.

All prices incl. 7.7% VAT

CHF 115
  • Our basic service. Contains everything to keep your vehicle fit. With regular use, we recommend this service to be carried out annually.
  • Full safety check
  • Check & tightening of loose screws
  • Check and adjust brakes
  • Steering column adjusted
  • Check lighting system for function
  • Check tires and inflate
  • Check the folding mechanism
  • General cleaning
  • Full battery charge (turnaround time allowing)
1000 KM
CHF 350
  • Your vehicle will be completely overhauled. This includes cleaning and engine care.
  • Full safety check
  • Check & tightening of loose screws
  • Check and adjust brakes
  • Steering column adjusted
  • Check the folding mechanism
  • Adjust and lubricate steering head bearings
  • Check lighting system for function
  • Check tires and inflate
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Engine care
  • General cleaning and dust removal
  • Full battery charge (turnaround time allowing)

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