We put two electric sctoores who are high preformance, high speed and long range in comparison. Which one would take the lead? Continue with reading..

Nami Burn-e Viper and Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro are both powerful and capable electric scooters, but they have some key differences that may make one a better choice for you depending on your needs.





CHF 3950

CHF 2890

Top speed

100 km/h

70 km/h


120 km

100 km


47 kg

36 kg

Throttle type

Thumb throttle

Finger throttle


Dual hydraulic

Hydraulic disc brakes


72 V  28 Ah

60 V  28 Ah


3000 W (2×1500 W)

2200 W (2×1100 W)

Max riders weight

150 kg

130 kg


11” tubeless

10” pneumatic (tubed)


Front & rear adjustable hydraulic

Front adjustable hydraulic, rear springs

IP rating



Deck width

29 cm

21 cm

Nami Burner-E Viper

No one buys high performance electric scooters for rides to soccer practice or piano. We buy them to go fast… like really fast. What is it like to drive really fast electric scooter?

The answer comes in the form of the Nami Burn-E Viper, a racing electric scooter that can cost less then CHF 4000, but still feels like an Italian sports car on the road.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro

If Nami’s scooters earn comparisons to sports car, then Kaabo has earned its claims to the power of wild animals, from wolves large and small to the fearsome mantis. The Wolf Warrior X Pro is a beast scooter without all of the extra weight, and with slightly less-beast 10 inch tires.

This is also a scooter built for thrilling high speed rides. While it looks very different from the Nami Burn-E Viper on paper, the two scooters boast similarly insane acceleration, similarly long range, adjustable suspension, high speeds, smart display options, full hydraulic brakes and more. The Wolf Warrior X Pro has a finger throttle, wich in comparison is little less ergonomic than thumb throttle.

Perhaps the strongest thing they have in common they both over-deliver when it comes to ride quality and performance vs. price. 

Does the BURN-E viper justify the extra CHF 1000 in its price tag? Is the Wolf Warrior X Pro beast enough to compete?

High preformance

The performance specs on the BURN-E viper make it competitive with less expensive scooters like the Wolf Warrior X Pro. But the Burn-E Viper also competes with scooters packing MUCH more wattage – like the Dualtron Storm, especially when it comes to acceleration.

This is not surprising. Given its design as an off-road electric scooter, however, it is impressive to see the Wolf Warrior X Pro keep pace. Ultimately, its superior wattage propels it to a tested top speed of 70km/h, but it’s a fair contest between the two under most riding conditions where you’re rarely if ever reaching peak output on any high speed electric scooter.

Long range

Both the Nami Burn-E Viper and the Wolf Warrior X Pro have range over 100 km, which is a long way to go on an electric scooter, even high performance scooters this comfortable. The Burn-E Viper came closer to 120 kilometers, but of course we must remember that range is always highly relative to a rider’s weight and riding conditions, and to the amount of wear and tear on your particular electric scooter. 

The Nami Burn-E Viper may, in general, be a longer range electric scooter, thanks in part to its higher voltage battery (72V vs the Wolf Warrior X Pro’s 60V). That in no way implies the X Pro is a range slacker. Its 100 kilometers of tested range only falls a couple kilometers behind one of the longest range scooters.

And there’s something else to consider over the long haul. 

Both the Nami and Kaabo scooters have 28Ah batteries, both can be fully charged in about 6 hours with two chargers and are both likely to last their owners several thousands of miles. 

Almost everything being equal here except price, however, the Burn-E Viper’s battery uses generic cells while the Wolf Warrior X Pro offers a choice of LG cells, which have the potential to last longer and deliver more consistent power output than the Nami’s battery over time.

Ride and Build Quality

The Burn-E Viper’s adjustable hydraulic suspension is still the superior. Combined with the carbon fiber stem and tubular, hand-welded frame, it gives this updated high performance scooter a ride quality only superseded by the top-scoring Burn-E 2 Max. 

The Burn-E Viper looks like a million bucks, and costs less than CHF 4K. If you’ve got the money, there’s little reason not to pick one up. But it’s not as though you can’t find similar performance and ride quality in an electric scooter at a lesser price, and the Wolf Warror X Pro represents just such a value.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro uses rear spring suspension, which is also adjustable with aftermarket bushings. Overall, it has a firmer suspension and more rugged styling but its build and ride quality are comparable, at 1K less. Especially notable is the Wolf Warrior X Pro’s long deck and double stem, both of which make this an excellent scooter, like the Nami, for larger, taller riders.

Portability? Eh… Who Needs It!

Yes, the Burn-E Viper folds, but no one buys a 47 kg performance scooter because they want to carry it around. If we’re seeing any weight savings in the Burn-E Viper’s continued commitment to materials like carbon fiber it’s in the matter of just a couple kilos down from the original.

The Wolf Warrior X Pro may be 10 kilograms lighter than the Burn-E Viper, but it’s also got twice the number of awkward stem locks to undo so we’ll call it a toss up. You’ll probably want a truck or large SUV to haul either one of them easily.

In summary, if you prioritize speed and acceleration, the Nami Burn-E Viper may be the better choice for you. If you prioritize range and comfort over rough terrain, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro may be the better choice.

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