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Built with muscular style
and performance,
this machine is
a street eater with
an appetite for power.

Maximum output of 6720 watts

100 km/h *

150 km *

45 °

10 h

150 kg

48 kg

72V 28Ah






*Limited to 25 km/h
*Range may vary depending on rider weight, riding style, terrain and tyre pressure.


The next level of electric scooters.

The Kaabo Wolf King Electric Scooter is a one of a kind off road e-scooter which is completely unmatched in every area of performance. This is not your typical electric scooter, this is a top of the range electric scooter which is incredibly powerful with dual motors for balanced and reliable power output. It’s hard to go past the front and rear 1500W motors with a top speed of 100km/h. It has an incredible range of up to 150km on a single charge thanks to the enormous 72V 28Ah battery, which is truly exceptional range from a single charge. Because the battery is so large it does take 10 hours to fully recharge (with two chargers), but you won’t need to recharge as often with the 150km range.

Unlike most other electric scooters this model has powerful front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with ABS for excellent all weather control. It is also equipped with front hydraulic suspension and rear springs, as well as 11 inch OFF-ROAD tires for a smooth ride.

The BMS Smart Battery Management System accurately shows you battery life and improves battery efficiency. When you’re done riding you can easily fold away the Wolf Warrior e-scooter for transport or storage.

The Wolf King has a Minimotors EYE Throttle and Minimotors controller.

For additional CHF 139 this e-scooter can be upgraded 
with Minimotors Finger Print lock key. No installation fee charged! 


We don’t really think that 48kg monster can be easily stolen. But without lock, unpredictable tiff can easily switch it on and drive it away. 

But the first and most important LIFE RACER reason is safety of your family! That’s not a children toy. On Minimotors Finger Print lock key you can add up to 40 different finger users. None is “borrowing” your e-scooter while you are at work. 

The Kaabo Wolf King stands alone as an OFF-ROAD electric scooter that can go all day,  for hours of fun.

This scooter is not waterproof, please do not ride it in the rain or wet conditions.




Mantis 10 SWISS; 48V 13Ah, 500W, 50km range, standard display, key lock, front and rear disc brake.

Mantis 10 SWISS+; 48V 13Ah, 800W, 50km range, standard display, key lock, front and rear disc brake.

Mantis 10 GT; 60V 18.2Ah, 75km range, standard display, key lock, semi hydraulic brakes

Mantis 10 PRO; 60V 24.5Ah, 90km range, Minimotors display, fingerprint lock, full hydraulic brakes

WOLF KING, 72V 28Ah, 150km range, Minimotors display, fingerprint lock (optional), full hydraulic brakes

Built to shred city streets and conquer the steepest hills.

POWER of 6720w

You think the Wolf Warrior 11 has brutal acceleration? Think again. Equipped with the new VM motors that has a maximum output of 6720 watts, this super-scooter has a true blazing top speed of 100km / h.

With the greatest performance, acceleration and durability yet, it is a machine created to empower the extremists push the limits of what is possible.

zero stem wobble

Built with muscular style and performance, this machine is a street eater with an appetite for power.

The first super-scooter to set every performance record and has zero stem wobble. Every aspect of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior King e-scooter is designed in pursuit of performance. Built with a 6082 aluminium frame that is forged by 1600 tons of vigorous pressure. From there, anything is possible.

No, that's not a typo.

 Dual 72V 40A minimotors controllers

Dual 1500 nominal watt VM motors

72V 28AH battery

Function defines form.

Tubeless heavy hitting OFF-ROAD fat tires. Beaming front light and a motorcycle horn that is built to be heard. Gold finishing touches with a legendary profile, only at LIFERACER .

2 x 15 watt

Super bright aluminum LED headlights

Lights help you see and be seen, and there are tons of lights on the Wolf, including a duo of super bright headlights, deck-mounted LEDs, and a bright red tail light.

New buttons, new experience

Built with the new EY3 LCD display and the new updated eco and dual buttons. With a more premium material, it feels more clicky and solid.

Ride on single motor mode if you want to conserve battery, switch to dual motor mode whenever you need the power.

Activate the TURBO mode when you need even more power.

Kaabo Wolf King

Extreme performance.
By design.


By LIFE RACER there is not an option for OFF-ROAD tires.
Monster scooter with monster tires.
No installation fees!
We find that off-road Knobby tires are having a much better grip and better performance on E-scooter like Kaabo Wolf King.

Stop at a dime

The Kaabo Wolf King comes with dual front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, equipped with well-ventilated callipers and an electronic anti-lock braking system (ABS). This means that not only are the brakes brutally solid, but they’re also consistent, linear and smoothly activated.

motorcycle suspension

Suspension is another notable feature of this e-scooter. The Kaabo Wolf King has dual-hydraulic motorcycle-grade absorbers in the front, and a dual-spring suspension system on the rear wheel. This means that whether you are riding on a bumpy city road or a rocky suburban terrain, you’ll enjoy a stable and smooth ride.

Soaks up every bump thrown your way


From the iconic front twin hydraulic shocks, to the rear shocks that gives you the ability to enhance your riding profile for any situation.

Kaabo Wolf King

Maximum visibility

Rear Safety Tailight

Bright rear tail light that lights up whenever you toggle your brakes.

Forward Facing Beam Lights

With the ultra bright beaming forward facing lights, the Wolf King provides a long range view of distant objects.

Back to the future

Lights on lights on lights. Blue LED under deck lights that match the gold finishing touches.

Get juiced up in 5 hours


Newly improved battery management system that optimized battery charging and enables you to charge the Wolf King with 1x standard charger and 1x fast charger (available for purchase soon) at the same time while keeping it out of the stress zone.

Compare between the King and the Warrior.


Find out why you would pick one over the other.

The King

– Dual 1500W VM motors
– Up to 62mph
72V battery
– Dual 72V 40A minimotors controllers
– Gold finishing touches, high visibility on the streets

The Warrior

– Dual 1200W motors
– Up to 50mph
60V battery
– Dual 60V 40A minimotors controllers
– Standard black color

Dimensions Of The King

Specification: Kaabo WOLF KING with OFF-ROAD TIRES

Basic Specs
Material Aviation aluminum forging alloy, 6082-T6
Weight 48 kg
Package weight 50 kg
Color Gold
Security additional, Fingerprint key lock
Display EYE throttle
Handlebar Non-folding handlebar with safety lock
Certification CE, FCC, ROHS
Power 2 x 1500W
Power output max 6720W
Riding modes Turbo and ECO mode
Speed limiter 100 km/h
Controller 2 x 40A Minimotors
Braking distance Dry road about 3m
Braking method EABS (Electric brake system)
Disc brake size 160mm
Size - front 11 x 4 inch
Size - rear 11 x 4 inch
Deck ground clearance 25 cm
Incline rate 45°
Suggested use 50.8 x 22.8 cm
Resting spot Additional footrest rear of the deck
Water resistent level IPX4
Battery model 72V 28Ah
Battery Type Li-lon battery pack 18650
Light capacity 150 km
Charging time 10h
Charging time (4A fast charger) 5h
Charging port Two charging ports
Charger input voltage 100-240V ~ 50 / 60HZ
Intelligent system Smart BMS, Temperature abnormality / short circuit / under voltage automatic sleep / over current / over charge / over discharge protection
Front 2 front LED lights, Headlight
Rear 2 rear LED lights, Rear Brake Light
Type of light LED
LED colours White (front) and Red (rear)
Additional lights LEDs wrap around the edge of the deck
Height 152-205 cm
Maximium weight 181 kg
Structure guarantee 2 years
Parts warranty 2 years
Battery warranty 1 year

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The LIFE RACER is manufactured by Kaabo, ZERO and VSETT manufacturers.
We are official importer and reseller of this excellent designs and reliable build quality electric scooters.

LIFE RACER is proud to be VSETT's exclusive distributor in the Switzerland.




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