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heavy adult rottweiler
with a whopping
180km range and
only 7h charging time

like never seen before

100 km/h *

180 km *

45 °

15 h

150 kg

52 kg

72V 35Ah






*Limited to 25 km/h
*Range may vary depending on rider weight, riding style, terrain and tyre pressure.


Electric Scooter

With the brand-new Wolf King GT PRO+, Kaboo built yet another high-performance scooter designed for anybody who wants to ride the famed Wolf, with even more power and speed, delivering the ultimate on and off-road experience. With dual 2000W motors and two 50A Minimotors controllers, the King GT delivers raw power and exhilarating high speeds combining the advantages of the Wolf GT with even more power. Its motorcycle grade inverted hydraulic front shock absorbers and rear spring enable a smooth ride on any terrain.

Full hydraulic brakes in combination with the optionally enabled ABS system provide for safe and accurate braking power to tame this beast. The front and rear advanced swing arm spring suspension complete with Minimotors display/throttle combination and cruise control, this electric scooter is a dream to ride on any terrain. The KING GT PRO models are IPX5 rated, equipped and well lit from two huge forward facing headlights, rear red LED lights located at the rear, front and rear turn signal lights, front LED lights and LED ground effect

The huge 72V 35Ah Samsung battery can last for up to 180km under optimal conditions but also delivers extra long range for those thrilling high-speed rides.

The BMS Smart Battery Management System accurately shows you battery life and improves battery efficiency. When you’re done riding you can easily fold away the Wolf Warrior e-scooter for transport or storage.

Luxurious design


Luxurious cockpit with an EY3 Minimotors display, updated eco/turbo buttons and taller, wider handlebars than the Kaabo Wolf King allows you to read and comfortable reach everything you need. 

The Wolf King GT’s handlebars are 6 cm taller than previous Wolfs.
Taller handlebars may not seem like a huge innovation, but for big riders, they may be the highest-impact change of all.

WOLF WARRIOR X PRO electric scooter Zurich Schweiz repair center e-scooter

3rd Generation Throttle


Kaabo Wolf King GT PRO+ electric scooter is equipped with an original smart EY3 throttle 3rd generation system designed by Minimotors. 

The display shows all important data such as speed, current gear, daily mileage (TRIP), total mileage (ODO) and current battery charge level. Thanks to the high brightness, the display is readable even in adverse weather conditions. You can even add a fingerprint reader lock (which is optional).  

WOLF WARRIOR X PRO electric scooter Zurich Schweiz repair center e-scooter

smart fingerprint

security system

Another Minimotors first, the fingerprint security system, jointly developed by Minimotors and Crucialtec. With the touch of your finger, you can finally secure your KAABO & unlock it with a simple swipe of a finger in seconds.
(additional option – CHF 169,-)

another cockpit upgrade

smart lights

Turn signal and headlight switches with LEDs above each button to let you know when they’re active.

motorcycle horn

Extremely loud horn that would get you the attention you need.

Mounted just above the headlights is an unsuspecting metal disc that turns out to be the loudest horn we’ve ever heard on an electric scooter. It’s activated by a button on the left side of the handlebars and is basically a small car horn that is mounted on a scooter.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT 72v King Pro+ electric_scooter zurich schweiz
Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT 72v King Pro+ electric_scooter zurich schweiz
Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT 72v King Pro+ electric_scooter zurich schweiz



The King GT PRO+ electric scooter has ultra bright dual headlights and sweet LED running lights on the deck, so you can see and be seen.



Luxurious cockpit with a centered TFT display, updated eco/turbo buttons, thumb throttle, and taller, wider handlebars.


serious durability

Fortified, forged aluminum design with IPX5 rating  means it can handle weather conditions not suited to previous models.

52,5 x 23 cm

Stand wide, ride hard

The GT’s deck is unchanged from the Kaabo Wolf King.
It’s rubber, and enormous, measuring 52.5 cm long by 23 cm wide, allowing room to move around during long rides. The simple pattern and material make this type of deck the easiest deck to clean.

16 cm

ground clearance

The Kaabo Wolf King has a very high ground clearance of 16cm, which means you’re riding taller in traffic and are more visible to other drivers.
Speed bumps and curbs won’t stop you.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT 72v King Pro+ electric_scooter zurich schweiz

zero stem wobble

Built with muscular style and performance, this machine is a street eater with an appetite for power.

The first super-scooter to set every performance record and has zero stem wobble. Every aspect of the Kaabo Wolf King GT PRO e-scooter is designed in pursuit of performance. Built with a 6082 aluminium frame that is forged by 1600 tons of vigorous pressure. From there, anything is possible.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT 72v King Pro+ electric_scooter zurich schweiz

peak power autput

8400 Watts



Dual 2000-Watt motors that put out a combined 8400 Watts of power at peak performance. This electric scooter can travel up 45° inclines and reach speeds of 100 km/h in seconds.

While top speed is only 3 kmh higher than the Wolf King, the GT’s acceleration is a massive step up due to new sine-wave motor controllers pushing 50 amps each.

 The GT reaches 48 km/h in 3.8 seconds, 29% faster than the spectacularly quick Wolf King.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT 72v King Pro+ electric_scooter zurich schweiz LIFERACER

72V 35Ah Samsung

With the extra room created in the deck, the Kaabo Wolf GTs have upgraded to the larger 21700 battery cells which provide greater power and runtime. Also the battery capacity in the Wolf King GT has been increased from 28AH to 35AH, allowing this scooter to travel a whopping 180km maximum range. This is 59% further than the King due to its 2520 wh Samsung battery and efficient sine-wave controllers.


Charging Time


Per Charge


Smart Battery Management System


With a smart battery controller, the BMS provides accurate calculation of the battery life and shows the percentage of charging, meanwhile, the discharging of electricity, provides all the safety assets in order to ensure safety and stability for the battery.  


output over-voltage protection

output over-current protection

output over-circuit protection

ripple and peak control

input over-voltage protection

input over-current protection

over-charging voltage protection

over-charging current protection

over-discharging voltage protection

over-discharging current protection

2 charging ports for



Kaabo WOLF WARRIOR GT PRO+ e-scooter comes with two charging ports designed to allow charging from two different sources at the same time. 

Also the Wolf King GT comes with two chargers included so you can charge this massive battery in around 7 hours.
Perfect for long commutes!

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT 72v King Pro+ electric_scooter zurich schweiz LIFERACER



The Kaabo Wolf Warrior electric scooter comes with massive mechanical 145mm dual hydraulic brakes giving you incredible braking power & reliability when braking. The brake performance is further improved by the innovative double-acting calliper. The ABS provides a series of intermittent braking signals to help prevent tire lock, effectively stopping the electric scooter over a short distance

 The braking system can also cleverly generate a charge of up to a maximum 15A which is fed back to the battering using the
Active Recovery Charging System.

2 x 15 watt

Super bright aluminum LED headlights

Lights help you see and be seen, and there are tons of lights on the Wolf, including a duo of super bright headlights, deck-mounted LEDs, and a bright red tail light.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT 72v King Pro+ electric_scooter zurich schweiz LIFERACER

turn signals

Kaabo took the scooter with the World’s best headlights and completed the package by adding the World’s best front turn signals.

The high-mounted turn signals are huge, bright, and you can see them from almost any angle. 

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT 72v King Pro+ electric_scooter zurich schweiz LIFERACER

Soaks up every bump thrown your way


From the iconic front twin hydraulic shocks, to the rear shocks that gives you the ability to enhance your riding profile for any situation.

Kaabo Wolf King GT PRO

Maximum visibility

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT 72v King Pro+ electric_scooter zurich schweiz LIFERACER


Bright rear tail light that lights up whenever you toggle your brakes or changing directions. 

Forward Facing Beam Lights

With the ultra bright beaming forward facing lights, the Wolf King provides a long range view of distant objects.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT 72v King Pro+ electric_scooter zurich schweiz LIFERACER

Back to the future

Lights on lights on lights. Blue LED under deck lights that match the gold finishing touches.

an absolute game-changer

puncture proof tires

We are absolutely speechless!

Kaabo Wolf Warrior Bag Kaabo Wolf Warrior Bag .png


Kaabo Wolf Warrior Bag

This front waterproof bag is specially designed to be used on Wolf Warrior e-scooters with double rods design. (OPTIONAL)

Size : 18 x 25 x 10.5 cm
Capacity: 4 L

Kaabo Wolf Warrior Bag Kaabo Wolf Warrior Bag .png


Comparison between Kaabo Wolf King GT PRO models


Wolf King GT PRO​

Wolf King GT PRO​+




Battery Brand

Samsung LG

Samsung LG

Charging Time (2 x 2.5A)

7 hours

7 hours



Minimotors EY3


2000W X 2

2000W X 2

Up hill

35 %

35 %


HY. Disc Brakes + eABS

HY. Disc Brakes + eABS


RUN-FLAT 11′ off-road tires

RUN-FLAT 11′ off-road tires


(sine wave) 72v50A*2

(Minimotors) 72v50A*2

Speed limit

25 km/h

25 km/h

MAX Speed

>100 km/h

>100 km/h


180 km

180 km


52 kg

52 kg

IP Rating



swiss street legal




152-205 cm


2 front LED lights, Headlight, Turn signal lights

LED colours

White (front) and Red (rear)

Battery model

72V 35Ah

Charging time

7 h

Charging port

Two charging ports

Charger input voltage

100-240V ~ 50 / 60HZ

Suggested use

All types of terrain, All weather conditions

Resting spot

Additional footrest rear of the deck

Water resistent level


Braking distance

Dry road about 3m

Braking method

EABS (Electric brake system), Front + Rear hydraulic disc brakes

Disc brake size



2 x 2000W

Power output

max 8400W

Riding modes

Turbo and ECO mode


Aviation aluminum forging alloy, 6082-T6

Package weight

65 kg






Non-folding handlebar with safety lock



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