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Road approved e-Scooter


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VSETT 9 delivers.

Road approved e-scooter

20 km/h *

70 km *

20 °

8 h

24 kg

500 W

52V 16Ah





52V 16Ah

*Remove the speed limit – speed up to 45km/h (not street legal).
*Range may vary depending on rider weight, riding style, terrain and tyre pressure.



Electric Scooter

The new VSETT 9 is a middle class model from the series of VSETT electric scooters.  VSETT 9 packs a lot of power for its size. At 52 volt with a 16Ah battery with LG cells. The VSETT 9 also features a newly designed lighting system and folding mechanism which will definitely make you the envy of your city! 

Front and rear spring shock absorbers, 8.5-inch inflatable tires and comfortable ergonomic handlebar grips ensure your comfort . The entire structure is carefully balanced to maintain stability even at higher speeds, which can reach up to 45 km/h .

The higher performance also includes a high-quality braking system available to this scooter. High-quality cable disc brakes can brake effectively even at higher speeds. In combination with electric ABS. Tune your ride your way. Protect your ride with the NFC Key Lock immobiliser.

The VSETT 9 electric scooter has a rear powerful 500W carbon-free electric motor, which can produces up to 900W at peak times . In combination with the 23 amp control unit and new thermal protection circuits, the scooter allows the rider a trouble-free ride uphill. LG’s intelligent 52V lithium-ion battery supports fast charging and promises a long range from 40 to 50 km. In ECO mode and with one engine, the range can be almost doubled, up to 70 km. Two charging ports located at the top of the tread, are more practical to access and have better protection against mechanical damage when driving on uneven terrain.

The VSETT 9 touts aggressive styling and features a bright fender integrated headlight. Be seen with taillights, flashing brake lights and integrated turn signal lights. Feel secure with the robust patented triple locking mechanism for the folding hex stem riser. 


Foldable handlebar

Normally collapsible handlebars are straight. On the VSETT 9 the handle bar is curved which makes  more enjoyable ride experience and it is  extremely rigid and performs like a one-piece solid frame handlebar.

The dashboard contains an LCD display, voltage display, brakes and key card switch. To ensure maximum safety for you and everyone else on the road, the left side of the dashboard is equipped with controls for turn signals, an electric horn and lights . 

Shockproof & Weatherproof

Turn Signal

Hand Grips

VSETT grips are the first ever e-scooter grips with built in turn signal buttons. A push button under the rider’s thumb turns the flashing lights on. This enables the riders to signal lane changes while still holding onto the handle bars and the turn signal lights will turn off automatically after a few seconds. 

Upgraded enclosed

QS-S4 Display

Newest NFC throttle display with independent voltage display. The QS-S4 features a large, back-lit acrylic-covered enclosed LCD, three buttons (mode and power), and a trigger-style throttle.

The display shows all important datasuch as speed, current gear, daily mileage (TRIP), total mileage (ODO) and current battery charge level. Thanks to the high brightness, the display is readable even in adverse weather conditions .

NFC card key

The whole VSETT lines features an innovative, revolutionary NFC (Near Field Communication) card key security system. That means you can activate the scooter by a chip in the form of a keychain, a handy phone or a watch with NFC support.

Folding Switch

Say goodbye to wobbly handlebars with the new highly secured triple locked foldable stem. A new and improved folding mechanism is both secure and convenient with its easy to use failsafe latch. The whole rider stem down to the deck is solid, weighty and sturdy with no rattles, squeaks or creaks all translating to a really stable ride.






Folding handlebar

When fully expanded and locked into position, it is solid and you won’t notice any slop or wobble.

Once expanded, use an additional screw mechanism to lock solidly into place.

safe Folding

The latching mechanism is very safe, with 3 catches to prevent it from accidentally folding. 


turn signal lights




turn signal button

Electric Horn

Instead of sticking a bell on the scooter, VSETT even goes a step further. VSETT have put on an electric horn for all city rides, where a horn is almost a necessity.

It’s loud enough to be heard through a closed car window.

A cleaner, healthier world will require a team work.


carbon free

The motors made of carbon  generate heat and slows the motor down, and over time brushes can worn down by friction and cause voltage disturbances which can be pretty dangerous.

Ergonomic design

A simple but highly effective piece of kit, this foot rest is eye catching in design and functionality.

This foot rest allows a comfortable resting spot at the rear of the deck. 



New models 2022 come with new deck screws, enabling you to open deck as may times as you want not destroying screws. 

VSETT 9 is equipped with Hub motor, the continuous output of the motor is 500 watt, maximum rated output can be 900W at peak times. This results in a lot of fun and a quick start at the traffic light.

With a powerful LG Li-on battery capacity of unbelievable 52V 15Ah  overcome long distance up to 70 km. It is also a monster capable of climbing slopes of 20° at incredible speeds.

Ground Clearance

VSETT 9+ deck design measures 60 cm long by 21. cm wide with 16 cm of ground clearance. The deck surface is a durable, pliable, texturised rubber that tucks into the deck’s framework.

52V 16Ah Battery

As a standard of dedication to quality and safety, VSETT 9 electric scooter is powered by the Safest high-quality LG cells Battery. The VSETT 9 is a 52V system with a cut-off to protect the battery from being over-discharged



Charging Time


Per Charge


temperature control

managmement system

Creatively developed temperature protection programs in controller. It provides 2 stages of protection. If the controller detect overheating, the first stage would work to cut off the power tor 30 seconds automatically. If the scooter continue to overheat, the second stage open for 3 minutes. 


LED Lights

VSETT 9+ features a bright fender integrated headlight, with high visibility front, side, and rear LED lighting you can feel sake and aware when riding in the darkest environment. 


Anti-lock Braking System

All electric vehicles generate tire locks during sudden braking, resulting in tire skids, sudden stops and loss of control, causing the rider to fall off and get injured. In order to solve the problem of wheels locking up during emergency braking, the ABS provides a series of intermittent braking signals to help prevent tire lock, effectively stopping the electric scooter over a short distance. 

Published: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/7845986

when folded





foot pad

2 charging ports for



VSETT comes with two charging ports designed to allow charging from two different sources at the same time. If you are looking to charge your batteries faster, you can use 2 currents and reduce time for 50%.


TUOVT tires

Extra thick Tires 8.5*3 inch

New models 2022 feature large and thicker tires TUOVT with pneumatic inner-tube, less likely to puncture. This tire has a width of 3 inch which makes it very suitable for urban riding.

Remember to check the tire pressure regularly. With this model it is advisable to inflate the tires to a pressure of 50 PSI (approx. 3.5 bar).


To make it more portable, the VSETT 9+ has both a folding stem and folding handlebars. Together, these shrink the scooter to 122 x 23 x 49 cm when folded — a much more compact size.





Operating instructions

P01:Backlight brightness:The 1 level is the darkest,Level 3 brightest;Default: 3
P02:Mileage: unit,0:KM;1:MILE;Default: KM
P03: Voltage level: 24V,36V,48V,52V,60V.
P04: Dormancy time:0 means no dormancy;Other numbers are dormant time.The range is 1-60 minute.Default:5
P05: Reserve
P06: Wheel diameter: The unit is inch. The accuracy is 0.1; Default:10.0
P07: Speed measuring magnetic steel number.The range is 0-255. Default:28
P08: Rate-limiting: The range is 0-100km/h.Default: 100
P09: Zero start、no zero start setting;0 means zero start.1means no Zero start.Default: 0
P11: EABS switch choose.The range is 1-5.0 means closing.1 means weakest.2 means strongest.
P12: Soft and hard start strength.The range is 1-5. The softest is 1.The hardest is5.Default: 3
P13: Reserve
P14: Reserve
P15: Controller under-voltage
P16: ODO Zero setting: keep pressing + for 5 seconds,ODO will zero clearing.
P17: When it shows 0,it can not use cruise.When it shows 1,it can use cruise.Default:0
P18: Bind and unbind NFC CARDS.Long press “+” to build the binding, long press “-” to build the unbinding
P19: Reserve
P20: Communication protocol is defaults 4.It can not change.

Comparison between VSETT 9 models

V9 vs V9+




52V 16Ah

48V 19.2A

Battery Brand



Charging Time

12 hours

12 hours


500 W

2*250 W

Up hill

20 %

30 %


Front and rear disc brakes

Front and rear disc brakes


8.5 x 3 inch

8.5 x 3 inch

Speed limit

20 km/h

20 km/h

MAX Speed

45 km/h

55 km/h


70 km

90 km


21 kg

24 kg

swiss street legal



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