Repair & Service

We’re proud to offer a range of expertly delivered service to make sure that your e-scooter is ready for action, day after day. 

Our staff is highly skilled, experienced, certified and trained regularly, with incredible depth of knowledge and experience in mechanical and can fix most if not all your electric scooter problems like tire punctures, electrical faults, shaky handlebars, brake repairs, etc.

Do you have a flat tire? We repair your e-scooter. Just over a 1000km? We service your e-scooter. Do you want hydraulic brakes? We upgrade your e-scooter.

√ Certified and trained repair agents
√ Also available if you bought somewhere else
√ Parts in stock for most populair brands

Door to Door

What set’s us apart from the rest? We offer Door to Door pick-up and delivery. Which means you don’t have to leave the house.
And our diagnostic fee includes 30 minutes of work, which is enough time to complete most repairs. To top it off we offer 90 days of warranty on our repairs.

Door to Door Pick-up & Delivery (no heavy lifting, only within range of our stores): ab CHF 59
What’s Wrong Diagnostic: CHF 45* (wont be charged if repair is done by us)
Our hourly rate: CHF 90* only needed for difficult repairs, after the first 30 minutes
Cost of parts: Depending if and what needs to be replaced.

Replace the E-Scooter battery

Is your e-scooter not charging properly or is the range decreasing and you have to constantly recharge your battery? One reason for this can be a dead battery.

E-Scooter Repair Price List

The basic rates apply when you bring the e-scooter to us. Please contact us in advance for an appointment via e-mail at [email protected]. For a surcharge, our courier will pick up your vehicle from your home anywhere in Switzerland and deliver it after the service or repair back to you.

Escooter brakes.

The functionality of the two independently acting brakes is very important. Due to the small wheels and the very high speed, the risk of accidents is very high. 

Depending on the model, e-scooters are usually fitted with disc brakes or drum brakes. If a brake is defective, you can usually replace the brake caliper, brake pad or brake disc yourself with a little technical skill.

Spare parts.

Are you looking for spare parts for your e-scooter? LifeRacer offers most of spare parts for self-repair for e-scooters.

You can find a large selection of VSETT, KAABO and Xiaomi E-Scooter spare parts at our online shop or in our physical shop. You can reach the spare parts shop simply by clicking on the button below. 

Do you need help finding your
perfect e-scooter?

We would be happy to support you in your decision with a free consultation or write down your suggestions for new models.

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