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We’re proud to offer a range of expertly delivered service to make sure that your e-scooter is ready for action, day after day. 

Our staff is highly skilled, experienced, certified and trained regularly, with incredible depth of knowledge and experience in mechanical and can fix most if not all your electric scooter problems like tire punctures, electrical faults, shaky handlebars, brake repairs, etc.

Our 40m2 service center is fully equipped with wide range of spare parts brands from Bosch, Shimano, MINIMOTORS, VSETT, Kaabo, Zoom, NUTT and many more.

Official electric scooter Repair Centre for:

Dualtron e-scooter zurich

Onsite services

Onsite services for simple repairs are also available upon request.

ON-SITE SERVICE is available for an extra charge of CHF 85,- (Zürich und Aargau) 

You have no possibility to bring your e-scooter personally? We also offer you the option of sending your scooter to our workshop. 

Is available for an extra charge of CHF 35,- 

replace the e-scooter battery

Is your e-scooter not charging properly or is the range decreasing and you have to constantly recharge your battery? One reason for this can be a dead battery.

The good thing is that the battery on e-scooters is easy to repair. By replacing the battery cells, the battery can be recharged as usual and the capacity lasts longer.

Where can you have your e-scooter battery repaired? Just send us an email stating the defect “Battery” and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss everything else with you.

E-Scooter Insurance and Warranty

The LIFE RACER is committed to sell high quality products and we offer a two year warranty on our products / 1500 km.

All the warranty fails will be repaired and/or replace in our workshop.


The warranty does not cover the shipping costs associated with the transportation of the scooter/part to and from our service centre, and a fee will be charged for return shipping or pick up and delivery service.


The average repair time is 1 to 30 days, not including shipping time to and from our service centre.


The e-scooter insurance will be soon available at LIFE RACER .
E-scooter insurance will be soon available from as little as CHF 5,- per month.

E-scooter brakes

The functionality of the two independently acting brakes is very important. Due to the small wheels and the very high speed, the risk of accidents is very high. Therefore, before each ride, be sure to check both e-scooter brakes for functionality. You do this first while standing and then again at low speed.

Depending on the model, e-scooters are usually fitted with disc brakes or drum brakes. If a brake is defective, you can usually replace the brake caliper, brake pad or brake disc yourself with a little technical skill.

You can find suitable spare parts here: 

Spare parts for your e-scooter

Are you looking for spare parts for your e-scooter? LIFE RACER offers most of spare parts for self-repair for e-scooters.

You can find a large selection of VSETT, KAABO and ZERO e-scooter spare parts. at our online shop or in our physical shop. You can reach the spare parts shop simply by clicking on the button below. 


The most frequent repairs on the electric scooter;

Tube / Tire Change (front or rear)

CHF 60,-

Tube / Tire Change (front & rear)

CHF 95,-

OKO tire puncture protection fluid implication

CHF 10,- / tire 

Brakes adjustment

CHF 20,-

Brake pads Change (includes adjustment)

CHF 25,-

Brake lever change

CHF 45,-

Brake Bleed (Hydraulic)

CHF 35,- / brake

Disk brake / brake caliper change

CHF 25,-

Replace the motor

CHF 140,-

Replace the battery

CHF 70,-

Replace the controller

CHF 65,-

Replace the display

CHF 25,-

Replace the rear or front fender

CHF 29,-

Steering column adjusted

CHF 23,-

RC speed limiter installation

CHF 60,-

Remove of the speed limit

CHF 59,-

Finger print key switch installation

CHF 55,-

Key switch installation

CHF 65,-

Tightening of loose screws, especially around the folding join

CHF 25,-

Testin the battery performance

CHF 55,-

Accessory fitting (e.g. lights)

CHF 10,-

E-Scooter wash / clean 

CHF 20,-

Prices do not include cost of physical parts / components unless stated.

All prices incl. 7.7% VAT

E-scooter repair request

Based on your defect, your request will be forwarded directly to one of our specialised team, who will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Do not allow yourself to be let down by your vehicle!

In order to enjoy e-scooters fully and for a long time, LIFE RACER strongly advise
you the correct use of scooters and a SILVER SERVICE check-up that should
 be carried out (just like by any other vehicles) once every 1000km or every 6 months. 

CHF 22
  • One Free General Services per year
  • One Free MUST TO DO Service per year
  • Waiver of all service and diagnostic charges
  • Free Tube/Tire Repair
  • Puncture protection fluid
  • Free Consumables like brake pads and folding parts
  • Free Brake Tuning Always
Full Service every 1000km
CHF 69
  • Full safety check
  • Brakes adjusted and/or set up
  • Steering column adjusted
  • Electrical contacts cleaned
  • Battery health check
  • Full battery charge (turnaround time allowing)
  • Firmware updated (where possible)
General Service
CHF 59
  • Full safety check
  • Tightening of loose screws, especially around the folding joint
  • Check on brakes for function and condition of brake pads
  • Check on tyre condition
  • General cleaning and dust removal
  • Overall visual check to spot for parts that appear to be in need of replacement

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Seulement around 40% of electric scooters are equipped with indices of resistance to water. Pour éviter que le mauvais temps ne vienne gâcher votre bonne humeur, vous devrez vous assurer qu’il est étanche. Tout d’abord, vous pouvez essayer d’imperméabiliser votre e-scooter.

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LIFE RACER now accepts Bitcoin

We are excited to announce that LIFE RACER is the first E-mobility shop in Switzerland to allow its customers to pay their products with cryptocurrencies. You can use Bitcoin and 8 other popular cryptocurrencies to buy your e-scooter at liferacer.local and in our physical store.

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